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US Cars Sales Statistics – (2020 Update)

by Tony Arevalo

The United States is one of the biggest markets for vehicle sales in the world. This is not just a claim; it is a fact that’s established after years of gathering data, conducting surveys, and looking for changes in the global market. These surveys and gathered data also show what brands, models, and types of engine customers prefer.

The total number of 276 million cars on the US streets and roads is proving that this market is the biggest in the world. If we add 17.5 million new USA auto sales annually, it becomes clear that the total number of cars in the US will keep increasing in the years to come.

It is safe to say that the market will keep growing because cars became affordable, while the price of gas is relatively stable. On the other hand, new technologies are being developed, so we can expect this industry to grow even more.

Among all these cars sold in the US, there are many used or electric ones, and of course, the ones that were bought straight from the factory. It is good to know that competition among manufacturers and sellers is fierce, which will most likely increase the quality and lower the overall prices.

These and other findings are in the text in front of you, where you’ll be able to learn about the most significant US car sales statistics. They’ll help you whether you are looking to purchase a new car or sell your used vehicle. So go ahead and keep reading.

Car Sales Statistics in the US – 2019

  • There will be around 287.3 million cars in the US by the end of 2020
  • General Motors has the most cars sold in the US – 737,279 in Q3
  • There are approximately 17 million cars sold in the US every year, including 2019
  • Honda Accord is the most popular car in 10 states
  • $117,942,000,000 is the size of the used cars market in the US
  • Between January and July of 2019, there were 81,100 sales of the Tesla Model 3

Frequently Asked Questions

How many cars are sold in the US each year? 

During the past decade, there were approximately 17 million new car sales in the US each year.

What is the best selling auto brand in America?

The best selling auto brand, year by year, is General Motors.

How many new cars are there on the road each year?

There are more than 6 million new cars on American roads every year.

Number of Registered Vehicles in the US

A map showing the number of automobile registrations in the US by state

Automotive Sales Statistics

Car Sales By Company (Quarterly 2017-2019)

ManufacturerQ1 2017Q2 2017Q3 2017Q4 2017
BMW Group81,93389,35583,67197,828
Ford 613,545680,852629,990650,813
General Motors686,316721,203777,360801,858
Hyundai Kia296,520345,576327,573305,553
Jaguar Land Rover31,54325,25327,79229,624
Nissan Motor Co446,038428,226401,172421,714
Subaru Corp.144,250160,560174,038169,108

ManufacturerQ1 2018Q2 2018Q3 2018Q4 2018
BMW Group84,36891,65483,23695,440
Ford 597,494679,173606,939606,569
General Motors714,956741,873693,491784,422
Hyundai Kia275,821352,789325,132324,998
Jaguar Land Rover32,06627,27126,74336,317
Nissan Motor Co451,775396,247370,058393,871
Subaru Corp.149,703173,157180,558176,717

ManufacturerQ1 2019Q2 2019Q3 2019Q4 2019
BMW Group82,79391,22986,23062,682
Ford 582,758639,039576,007
General Motors665,182733,697737,279
Hyundai Kia288,384359,796336,684289,253
Jaguar Land Rover35,25027,15526,66622,915
Nissan Motor Co407,921380,215351,828326,766
Subaru Corp.156,754182,771185,804174,788

US Auto Sales by Year

YearTotal sales

Car Sales Statistics By Model (Jan-July 2019)

Acura ILX8051,0471,2891,1521,3511,3121,224
Acura NSX31222623301910
Acura RLX119127135151915042
Acura TLX1,6692,2193,1412,0962,2351,8121,761
Alfa Romeo 4C7161827149
Alfa Romeo Giulia531646858746797768
Audi A36648231,182681947831522
Audi A41,6911,4362,6521,8602,2232,2922,579
Audi A51,6511,6032,2241,6852,2512,1602,017
Audi A61,8891,5061,9631,3741,4271,7431,246
Audi A7620474672441536409289
Audi A8284242261187190166114
Audi R842555230276237
Audi TT1177122114153159165
BMW 2-Series578738746581253717662
BMW 3-Series1,2262,3794,6203,6424,3644,9273,392
BMW 4-Series2,8422,6851,8751,2141,3401,7381,484
BMW 5-Series3,6792,9763,6902,8573,2426,2592,521
BMW 6-Series161315149961508065
BMW 7-Series4548519885671,071744760
BMW 8-Series99138364275321325228
BMW i3255350359331438473304
BMW i823479187145280101
BMW Z4201271424417288
Buick Cascada245236265426492394
Buick LaCrosse9559161,031808933746
Buick Regal1,1211,0761,2119701,119896
Cadillac ATS172165185121139111
Cadillac CT6720691777605698559
Cadillac CTS799767863794916733
Cadillac XTS1,2281,1791,3271,7422,0101,608
Chevrolet Bolt1,4201,3631,5331,2891,4871,190
Chevrolet Camaro3,9753,8164,2934,0414,6623,730
Chevrolet Corvette1,2971,2451,4011,8812,1711,736
Chevrolet Cruze7,6687,3618,2825,2546,0624,850
Chevrolet Impala4,3624,1874,7104,0744,7013,761
Chevrolet Malibu11,24910,79912,14910,0679,292
Chevrolet Sonic1,4671,4081,5841,3081,5091,207
Chevrolet Spark2,1132,0282,2822,3482,7102,168
Chevrolet Volt829796895372430344
Chrysler 200126836
Chrysler 3002,0782,5083,7041,9982,6652,904
Dodge Avenger1
Dodge Challenger3,2303,6396,5624,4225,7485,067
Dodge Charger5,2106,5478,8586,1019,2969,034
Dodge Dart3322
Dodge Viper113
Fiat 124 Spider160139214329349337
Fiat 500261207310273335306
Fiat 500L565161726990
Ford C-Max1756786
Ford Fiesta5,2445,0355,6647,2068,3156,652
Ford Focus3,4043,2683,677693799639
Ford Fusion13,71213,16314,80817,76720,50116,400
Ford GT282730171915
Ford Mustang5,5655,3426,0107,0288,1096,488
Ford Taurus2,5102,4092,7111,2681,4631,171
Genesis G705968198178441,4471,193905
Genesis G80473533475632708532520
Genesis G90155176159129158162161
Honda Accord18,78620,25425,37119,23923,89221,89324,144
Honda Civic21,55322,97933,65328,43632,80029,75129,167
Honda Clarity FCV1,2711,2811,4161,0799061,092852
Honda CR-Z11
Honda Fit1,4051,7453,2383,2473,9183,6033,378
Honda Insight1,7621,5872,1512,0282,6532,3672,218
Hyundai Accent1,8251,7903,1662,8342,6592,6321,830
Hyundai Elantra9,94210,30415,86616,58615,73316,54011,579
Hyundai Ioniq9551,0321,3231,2111,4711,6072,891
Hyundai Sonata6,2126,4818,8278,6348,5998,3796,976
Hyundai Veloster8559812,0551,5541,0201,139929
Infiniti Q502,2492,2303,7852,1741,8572,0421,895
Infiniti Q60406327571425314359396
Infiniti Q70235269458345203183172
Jaguar F-Type282280176177171169238
Jaguar XE406777658217186164178
Jaguar XF96278212715064118
Jaguar XJ1721091289310574116
Kia Cadenza15111314711710513075
Kia Forte5,9556,9538,4667,33610,3669,3379,172
Kia K90026364043293531
Kia Optima5,8537,2129,6038,4118,30011,0908,732
Kia Rio1,6081,8222,4142,0822,4822,0382,266
Kia Soul7,1018,5929,86010,43110,7138,8867,358
Kia Stinger9391,0341,2549391,4101,3451,092
Lexus ES3,1443,3244,9223,4994,7414,3504,960
Lexus GS298263394301260214305
Lexus IS1,0751,1151,6941,3851,5331,5601,331
Lexus LC90891411221378996
Lexus LFA3
Lexus LS508439457474462357396
Lexus RC262279422353412381437
Lincoln Continental446428481484559447
Lincoln MKZ1,4101,3541,5231,5191,7531,402
Mazda 34,5964,6106,0094,3514,9673,9903,651
Mazda 61,6191,9063,3962,3402,1331,6811,483
Mazda MX-5 Miata3474567277828437591,109
Mercedes-Benz A-Class890848042,0152,619
Mercedes-Benz AMG GT83134427340340374325
Mercedes-Benz B-Class121121
Mercedes-Benz C-Class4,6764,8125,5144,0544,0543,9513,449
Mercedes-Benz CLA-Class2,2781,5661,366986986573609
Mercedes-Benz E / CLS-Class3,2583,4243,7123,3723,3723,3462,750
Mercedes-Benz S-Class8861,0611,2049589581,063919
Mercedes-Benz SL-Class116136184193193207119
Mercedes-Benz SLC-Class122153234303303148160
Mini Cooper1,5861,6812,4421,7411,6822,0661,842
Mitsubishi Lancer3
Mitsubishi Mirage1,5701,7922,8802,0042,1502,5053,256
Nissan 370Z173211263177198230226
Nissan Altima12,18916,21623,07516,53124,21816,54811,236
Nissan GT-R19254933183027
Nissan Leaf7176541,3149511,2161,156938
Nissan Maxima3,4573,5043,5932,0092,1532,0792,124
Nissan Sentra14,08817,07225,63313,05118,83121,22416,365
Nissan Versa6,6497,41010,9336,7108,1168,8822,702
Porsche 718263163239612456422438
Porsche 9111,101990803655613458408
Porsche Panamera487508703992521529476
Smart ForTwo83589085857456
Subaru BRZ259242318287231203167
Subaru Impreza4,1834,2915,3054,8195,5325,5586,225
Subaru Impreza WRX1,7511,9872,4652,1972,1101,8641,732
Subaru Legacy2,4032,6833,1332,9912,9943,2223,244
Tesla Model 36,5005,75010,17510,05013,95020,55013,450
Tesla Model S8758002,2758251,0251,750975
Toyota 86 / FR-S256231320268327259300
Toyota Avalon1,8581,9062,8552,3723,2502,6162,705
Toyota Camry23,80224,26733,61529,22736,20828,88927,134
Toyota Corolla25,11329,01624,47919,67925,71228,86930,635
Toyota Mirai7794176202248166126
Toyota Prius Family2,9873,6615,4104,7996,6155,7696,592
Toyota Supra320
Toyota Yaris1,3232,5723,9993,8852,9531,9251,370
Volkswagen Arteon78245275252
Volkswagen Beetle9711,4572,0271,5661,6911,6862,224
Volkswagen CC9495656
Volkswagen Golf1,7742,0703,9423,6823,8343,6563,330
Volkswagen Jetta6,8757,1099,1057,7459,6538,4868,086
Volkswagen Passat2,8992,0972,7621,6071,294797628
Volvo 60-Series1,4001,0581,5011,2591,7671,9891,309
Volvo 90-Series514367346333206226212
Volvo XC401,0429851,5501,8241,7151,4372,072
Volvo XC601,4712,2292,9362,2512,8722,8072,426
Volvo XC901,4271,9963,2362,7003,2013,4752,776

Top 10 Most Popular Cars Sold In the US, By State (2019)

Popularity RankModelStates where this vehicle ranks #1MSRP
10Subaru LegacyVermont$22,545
9Chevrolet MalibuMichigan and Indiana$22,090
8Toyota CorollaFlorida and Hawaii$18,700
7Ford ExplorerAlaska, Montana, Wyoming$32,365
6Ford FocusMaine, Kansas, West Virginia$17,950
5Toyota CamryWashington DC, Illinois, Nevada, Kentucky$23,845
4Chevrolet ImpalaIowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Missouri, North Dakota, Nebraska, South Dakota$28,020
3Nissan AltimaAlabama, Mississippi, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Louisiana, Texas, Arkansas, Oklahoma$23,750
2Honda CivicArizona, California, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Ohio, Washington, Idaho, New Mexico$19,450
1Honda AccordConnecticut, Delaware, Georgia, Maryland, North Carolina, New Jersey, New York, Oregon, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Utah, Virginia, Colorado$23,720

Total Number of Cars In the US (Registration Statistics From Registration Databases)

Number of registered vehicles in the USCar ownership statistic
Number of registered vehicles in the US, 2020 (Proj.) 287.3 million
Number of registered vehicles in the US, 2019 284.5 million
Number of registered vehicles in the US, 2018279.1 million
Number of registered vehicles in the US, 2017270.4 million
Number of registered vehicles in the US, 2016264.0 million
Number of registered vehicles in the US, 2015257.9 million
Number of registered vehicles in the US, 2014252.6 million
Number of registered vehicles in the US, 2013248.9 million
Number of registered vehicles in the US, 2012248.7 million
Number of Tesla cars registered in the US (through January 1, 2018)141,000
Percentage of Tesla cars in the US, registered, owned, and driven in California (through January 1, 2018)45%
Percentage of registered vehicles in the US that are cars, 201835%
Share of top five states, all vehicles registered in the US (California, Texas, Florida, New York, and Ohio)33.5%
Increase in the number of registered vehicles in the US, 2001-201020%

The US New And Used Car Sales Statistics (in millions)

YearNew cars salesUsed cars sales

Used Car Dealers in the US – Market Size

YearUsed cars market size ($ million)

German Car Sales in the US Statistics

In 2017, German car manufacturers achieved 1,35 million vehicle sales in the United States. This number is not a surprise because American buyers started to recognize the quality of the German car industry.  

That’s the reason why leading German car brands (BMW, Volkswagen, and Mercedes) moved forward and came to the United States. They have manufacturing plants all over the country, and are employing nearly 50,000 American workers. 

These companies increased their sales over the years, and now their share in the market is around 8% of total USA auto sales. Only 494,000 were exported from Germany, which is 25% less than in 2013. 

This trend of German automakers coming to the United States will probably continue in the future. That is clearly visible by the total amount of vehicles produced since 2013. German Carmakers Association reported that this number increased from 180,000 to 804,000. Also, half of these vehicles are exported to foreign markets such as Asia and Europe.

US Electric Car Sales Statistics (January – July 2019)

Tesla Model 36,5005,75010,17510,05013,95021,22513,45081,100
Toyota Prius Prime1,1231,2051,8201,3991,9141,1442,95011,555
Tesla Model X7759002,1751,0501,3752,7251,22510,225
Chevrolet Bolt EV9251,2252,1669101,3961,6599859,266
Tesla Model S7256252,2758251,0251,7509758,200
Honda Clarity PHEV1,1921,2131,3119818161,0308007,343
Nissan LEAF7176541,3149511,2161,1569386,946
Ford Fusion Energi5575736115856056757204,326
Chevrolet Volt6756151,2304054083332503,916
BMW 530e3764144364167279084443,721
Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid4365893833473903913852,921
Audi e-tron2538567266782,513
BMW i32553503593314394733042,511
Volkswagen e-Golf1641185814002643664602,353
Kia Niro PHEV2795052302453293513252,264
Jaguar I-Pace2101862122372282362131,522
Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV13315733411632322222131,461
Mercedes GLC 350e74721752202642702651,340
Mercedes C350e1401451351732152352301,273
Porsche Panamera E-Hybrid1501601951551701951651,190
Mercedes GLE 550e9295110150185180170982
Volvo XC90 T8 PHEV95105155100120170110855
Volvo XC60 PHEV901001258595175140810
BMW i823479187145280101774
BMW 330e21618517553272516697
Porsche Cayenne S-E6595115701057595620
Hyundai IONIQ PHEV7354946363152105604
Hyundai Kona Electric0161277791116150577
Smart ED835890851067456552
Honda Clarity BEV78689288825247507
Audi A3 Sportback e-tron175210457437
Subaru Crosstrek Hybrid2752476570115376
Mini Countryman SE PHEV50634537854440364
Fiat 500e72873320602540337
Volvo S90 T8 PHEV35455535504045305
Kia Niro EV401194980288
Hyundai IONIQ EV3432289616255281
Mercedes S550e8102235516050236
Hyundai Sonata PHEV471746403035233
BMWX5 xDrive 40e7138269484160
Kia Optima PHEV3011855135140
BMW 740e614158126263
Cadillac CT6 PHEV81322218
Mercedes B250e121217
Kia Soul EV12115


As presented above, USA auto sales are recovering from big decrease between 2008 and 2009. The global economic crisis damaged every industry, but the biggest losses were recorded in the real estate and car industries. During the next decade, numbers started picking up, and industry started recording growth once again. This trend continued in 2018 and 2019, and it should be like that in years to come.

Although the overall market is still slightly declining in 2019, final auto sales numbers are yet to be seen. There is an increase in selling electric cars and an increase in the production of German cars on American soil. The most popular brands are American originals such as General Motors and Ford, and the most popular foreign brand is certainly Toyota.


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