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by Nikola Djurkovic
Carsurance Verdict: Allstate is a financially stable insurer that offers a variety of optional discounts and coverages and a Claim Satisfaction Guarantee. However, average customer service scores and high prices keep it from getting a universal recommendation.

Allstate is the 4th largest US car insurer, behind State Farm, Progressive, and Geico. The company has been in business since 1931, and it had been a part of Sears until 1993. Recently, they’ve put up a series of commercials with the “Mayhem Guy.” They all end with a punchline, “Are you in good hands?” This is a clever wordplay referring to their logo and the superior quality of insurance they offer.

To verify if the company really provides excellent car insurance, we checked Allstate insurance reviews by experts and customers alike. Furthermore, we read reports on the quality of the customer service and requested quotes to verify the prices. Read on to see if Allstate is the right auto insurance for you.

Product Overview

Allstate is available in all the US states, and it has a vast network of highly skilled agents who can help you with your car insurance needs—as confirmed in many Allstate insurance reviews. However, if you find purchasing insurance through an agent a fuss, you can use the company’s excellent website. It offers resources common in the industry, such as online quotes, locating the nearest agent, or filing a claim.

Furthermore, the website is the industry leader in terms of useful information and explanations on how auto insurance works. It’s so detailed that we never hesitate to consult it when writing our guides.

On top of that, the Allstate mobile app is among the finest in the market. At the time of writing, it holds 4.5 out of 5 stars in Google Play, and 4.8 out of 5 in the App Store, showing an overwhelming amount of customer satisfaction with this product. You can use the app to file a claim, manage insurance documents, make payments, request roadside assistance, and much more.

Allstate insurance even claims that their Good Hands Repair Network tool will help you locate the nearest shop if you need a quick fix. And if you don’t fancy using one of Allstate’s repair shops, you can choose your own and send the bills to Allstate for reimbursement.

However, nothing in Allstate’s arsenal managed to impress us as much as the next feature.

Signature Feature: Claims Satisfaction Guarantee

All major Allstate car insurance reviews sing praises to the company’s Claims Satisfaction Guarantee service. Count us among the impressed. This service offers reimbursement for up to six months of your premium if you’re unsatisfied with the way your claim was handled. It’s a fantastic way to assure clients that they’ll get the proper customer service or their money back. This is a unique offer in the industry, and it truly sets Allstate apart from the competition.

Unfortunately, this service isn’t an option in all US states. At the time of writing, it’s available in MI, IN, OH, GA, AL, AZ, CO, DC, DE, ID, IA, IL, LA, MN, MS, MT, NJ, NM, OK, OR, PA, RI, SC, SD, TN, TX, UT, VA, WI, WV, WY, KS, VT, MA, NE, MO, NY, KY, WA, ME, CT, AR and NV.


Allstate Drivewise® Program

If you sign up for this program, Allstate will use it’s a mobile app to track your driving habits. You should try to avoid driving over 80 mph, making late-night trips, and braking hard. You’ll get up to 10% money back just by signing up, and up to 25% for every six months of safe driving. Furthermore, being a reliable driver will get you bonus points you can use with the program below.

Allstate Rewards® Program

This program enables you to earn points for using Allstate’s services and driving safely. For instance, signing up for Drivewise gets you 10,000 points, activating your Rewards account gets you 5,000 points, while driving three consecutive days with no high speed earns 200 points.

You can redeem these points in various ways. For instance, you can use them to get a discount on travel or for bids in auctions. Perhaps the most exciting way to use them is to buy merchandise. You can shop from brands like Nike, GAP, Ray-Ban, and Samsung, to name just a few—and Allstate claims they offer the most affordable prices online.

Safe Driving Bonus®

If you sign up for this program, Allstate will send you a check for every six months without an accident. Furthermore, you will get $100 off your collision deductible on the first day you sign up, plus an additional $100 for each year you drive without an accident. $500 is the maximum reduction.

Financial Strength

Financial strength is critical to consider when choosing an auto insurer. If the company isn’t financially stable, major economic turbulence or a massive natural disaster can put it out of business. Even if something like that never happens, an insurer that’s less financially capable is more likely to skimp when the time comes to pay claims.

When it comes to Allstate, insurance reviews agree there’s nothing to worry about. The company’s A. M. Best rating is the second best possible: “A+” or “Superior.” Furthermore, Allstate placed 79th on 2018’s Fortune 500 list. On top of that, as InsuranceJournal notes, Standard & Poor gave the company an “A– issuer credit rating on the holding company and AA– financial strength ratings on its core insurance operating subsidiaries.” All these excellent scores indicate that a customer should rest assured Allstate can pay their claims.

Types of Insurances Available

Allstate offers all six types of standard auto insurance. These include liability, collision, comprehensive, personal injury protection, MedPay, and uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage. On top of these, Allstate insurance reviews note some really useful optional coverages. Keep in mind that these are not available in all US states.

Sound System Insurance

This coverage pays the cost of repairing or replacing a damaged or stolen audio or video system. As a certified audiophile, I must confess it always makes me cheerful to see an insurer catering to our needs.

Roadside Coverage

If you’re stuck because your car broke down by the road, you can count on Allstate roadside assistance to come to the rescue. The company offers 24/7 roadside help and three different plans to choose from. Whichever option you prefer, you can count on services such as towing, battery jump-start, tire replacement, and locksmith assistance.

Personal Umbrella Policy

If you think you might need higher liability limits, this is the coverage to add to your policy.

Mexico Tourist Auto Insurance

Neighbors already complaining about the mariachi music blasting from your speakers? Can’t wait to stroll the sunny beaches? Do you have an urge to hit the pedal to the metal until you reach the southern border? Allstate’s got you covered. With their specialized insurance, US and Canadian citizens can stay covered in Mexico for up to a year. As many Allstate car insurance reviews will remind you, this protection plan is separate from your domestic policy.

Rental Reimbursement Coverage

This coverage pays for the expenses of renting a car while yours is in a repair shop. It does not cover the cost of gas, mileage, or any security deposits requested by a rental company.

Property Protection Coverage

If you have collision or comprehensive insurance, usually they don’t pay for damaged property. If you choose this option in your Allstate quote, you won’t have to worry about yours or your passengers’ possessions.

New Car Replacement

If your car is two model years old or less and it gets totaled, Allstate will replace it with a brand new one that’s the same make and model. If this coverage is your priority, you may want to check other insurers too. Some, like Farmers insurance, offer up to five years.

GAP Insurance

If you have a loan for your car and it’s totaled, this coverage can help. GAP insurance pays the difference between the actual cash value of your vehicle and the amount that’s left on your loan.

Classic Car Insurance

Allstate car insurance is willing to quote classic and collectible cars as well. If you want the best protection for your prized vintage vehicle, better discuss the details with an Allstate agent by phone. These vehicles require custom-tailored coverage.

Ride-Sharing Insurance

This is an excellent choice for those working for companies such as Lyft and Uber (check our collection of the best Uber stats and Lyft stats if you would like to know more about these behemoths of ride sharing industry). That’s because your ride-sharing company’s coverage and your regular auto insurance don’t combine to give you full protection. This insurance plan fills in the blanks by providing coverage when you’re connected to the app and waiting to be matched with a passenger. Adding ride-sharing to an Allstate car insurance quote is not possible in all US states. 

Customer Service

This parameter, together with pricing, has the highest bearing on the final score we assign to each insurance company. This decision comes naturally since shoppers want a reliable insurer that will respect the terms of the chosen policy.

Unfortunately, we found that most Allstate customer service scores are average. The company is in the middle of the pack in J.D. Power’s 2019 US Auto Claims Satisfaction Study, scoring three out of five stars. The insurer earned the same score in J.D. Power’s similar research on shopping satisfaction.

In J.D. Power’s 2019 regional rankings, the company scores all over the board. Nonetheless, it excels in the Florida, New England, and Texas regions. If you’re based in one of these areas, Allstate auto coverage may be an outstanding choice, especially if you can get a bargain deal.The Rating of Allstate Car Insurance in Various Customer Service Categories

The company’s NAIC ratio paints a better picture of Allstate’s customer service quality. It’s score is 0.48, which is below the average for a company of its size (the lower score indicates fewer complaints). Out of the other big insurers, only State Farm scores better.

Allstate is also accredited on the BBB, where it holds an “A+” rating, but it has only one out of five stars according to its 228 customer reviews. Keep in mind that people are more likely to leave an online review if the experience was overwhelmingly negative.


Given that Allstate auto insurance can be quite expensive, any opportunity to lower a premium is welcome. Fortunately, the company offers various discounts that can bring the price down substantially. Although Allstate’s website lists the exact premium reduction, it’s always smart to check the precise details with a local agent. They may vary depending on the state.

New Car

If you drive a car within its current model year, or one year older, and you are the first owner, you can save up to 15%.

EZ Pay Plan

When you set up automatic withdrawal online for the premium payment, you can save up to 5%.

Allstate eSmart®

If you decide to handle all your insurance documents online by signing up for ePolicy, you can save up to 10%. Allstate auto insurance reviews will remind you that this isn’t just a convenient way to lower your premium, but also a great way to reduce your carbon footprint.

Anti-Lock Brake

You can save up to 10% if your vehicle has anti-lock brakes.

Anti-Theft Device Discount

If your car is equipped with an anti-theft system, you can save up to 10%.

FullPay Discount

If you opt to pay the entire premium at the beginning of the term, you can save up to 10%.

Allstate Accident Forgiveness

Like other insurers, Allstate offers a plan that stops your premiums from increasing after your first at-fault accident, as long as you’ve been accident-free for a certain period of time.

Responsible Payer Discount

You can save up to 5% if you didn’t receive a notice of cancellation for not paying your premium in the past year.

Multiple Policy

If you buy multiple policies from Allstate, you can get up to 10% off your car insurance and up to 25% off your homeowners/renters premium. Allstate home insurance reviews note that this discount is among the best on the market.

Smart Student

There are three ways to get this discount. The first is to be a college student under 25 and maintain good grades. The second is to complete the teenSMART program designed to improve driving skills. Finally, the third is to attend a school that’s at least 100 miles from the place where the vehicle is garaged. The total discount can be as much as 35%. Check our guide for college students for more advice for young adults on how to save on insurance.

About Insurance Rates

Our Allstate auto insurance rate comparison indicates the company is more expensive than the average insurer. To confirm this, we went overboard and requested Allstate quotes in multiple cities in Texas and Florida. After that, we requested quotes for three different age demographics in Los Angeles, California. Our quotes included all the limits that make up full coverage. Only in this city was Allstate near the average. In all other locations, it was among the pricier options. Check the tables below for more details.Allstate Auto Insurance Price Comparison in Biggest Cities in TX

Allstate Auto Insurance Price Comparison in Biggest Cities in Florida

Allstate Auto Insurance Price Comparison in Biggest Cities in LA, California

Allstate Insurance Compared to Its Top Competitors

Progressive vs. Allstate

There’s clearly a healthy competition going on between these two companies. In terms of customer service, their scores are relatively similar, although Progressive is somewhat better in the shopping department. They also share the same A. M. Best rating, which is “A+” or “Superior.” When it comes to features and discounts, Allstate has a slight advantage, mainly due to its excellent Claims Satisfaction Guarantee. Progressive recently overtook Allstate as the third largest insurer in the US. Its main advantage is affordability. Progressive is a much cheaper option, something that you’ll notice in several Allstate reviews. Furthermore, Progressive is more willing to take on riskier drivers, such as those needing SR22 insurance. In the end, we give Progressive an edge due to its super-affordable rates.

Allstate vs. State Farm

Both of these companies are among the expensive insurers. State Farm is the biggest auto insurance company in the US, meaning it has a slightly better A. M. Best rating, which is “A++.” It also scores marginally better in the customer service department. Allstate fights back by offering more discounts and better features, like its Claims Satisfaction Guarantee and Rewards programs, both highly praised in Allstate auto insurance reviews. In the end, the choice between these two companies comes to your preferences. For some, Allstate might be a better fit, while other customers might enjoy State Farm more.

Allstate vs. Travelers Insurance

Allstate is a more expensive option compared to Travelers, although the difference is not that significant. However, Allstate has an advantage in terms of the extras they offer. They have better custom features and coverages and more discounts. The Allstate insurance company rating is a bit worse than Travelers, which is one star higher in the shopping category, while they have the same score in claims handling satisfaction. In the end, we would lean toward Allstate if we found any of their custom offers suitable. For regular car insurance, we prefer Travelers.

Best Alternatives

We expect that customers hesitant to give Allstate car insurance a chance are looking for either better customer service or lower prices. If the former is your cup of tea, consider Auto-Owners, Erie, and Amica insurance. And if you are looking for a budget option, we would check Progressive, Geico, and Mercury. USAA insurance ticks both of these boxes, but it’s only available to current and former US army members and their families. Keep in mind that the only way to the best and cheapest car insurance is through shopping around. Use the information from the best auto insurance reviews to make a shortlist of the finest insurance companies and request quotes from all of them. It won’t take more than a couple of hours, and you might save a great deal of money and stress.

Our Expert Verdict

Allstate surely has many things going for it. The Claims Satisfaction Guarantee is such a terrific service that we only wish more insurers would do the same. Additionally, Allstate Drivewise is a smart way to get a discount and become a more reliable driver. Furthermore, the company has a lovely website with a bunch of useful features and an extensive network of agents for those who prefer to handle business face to face. On top of that, it has a respectable number of optional coverages and numerous discounts to offer. However, all reviews on Allstate insurance agree that it scores averagely in the two most important departments: customer service and affordability. With these two parameters dragging the overall rating down, we cannot give Allstate a universal recommendation. Nonetheless, it might turn out to be a superb option for some customers. If you like what this insurer offers, it’s at least worth getting a quote from Allstate. It takes about 15 minutes, and it may lead to many years of mutual satisfaction.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Allstate good insurance for cars?

The Allstate reviews we checked and our own independent analysis indicate the company has many good things to offer. Still, it’s more expensive than average, and its customer service isn’t first-rate. This means it’s not the finest auto insurance on the market, but it might be a terrific choice for some.

2. How much is Allstate car insurance?

Allstate is among the more expensive options available. That’s why it’s optimal to get an online quote or call the Allstate insurance phone number to verify the prices in your region. You can expect to pay anywhere from $200 to $500 monthly for the full coverage. But keep in mind the details vary significantly based on your profile.

3. What is ePolicy with Allstate?

It’s a system for handling all insurance documents online. It includes a few useful extra features that Allstate offers such as quick pay, claims filing, downloading proof of insurance, and much more.

4. How do I make an Allstate claim?

There are three different ways to submit a claim. The first is to use the website or the mobile app to file the claim online. The second is to submit the claim by phone by calling 1-800-255-7828. The third is to meet with the nearest approved agent, which you can easily find by Googling “Allstate near me.” Whichever way you choose, before you submit the claim, make sure to have all the necessary documentation ready. Furthermore, try to collect as much evidence as possible by taking photos and gathering witness testimonies. Be objective, but don’t admit guilt even if you are at fault.

5. Does Allstate have roadside assistance?

This company offers high-quality roadside assistance, as many Allstate insurance reviews say. You can add this coverage when you’re filling in a quote, or you can contact an agent to purchase it later.

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