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If you’ve already begun looking at auto insurance reviews online, then you know that finding the best car insurance may not be an easy task.

Every company promises great rates, top-notch customer service, and excellent discounts. Shopping around by getting a couple of quotes might look like a solution, but it is time-consuming. Furthermore, it only tells half of the story—you can’t determine how a company treats its customers based on a quote alone.

Reading customers’ reviews of insurance companies will not get you far either. They are often posted in the midst of outrage by a customer who had a terrible experience. While those who were treated fairly will very seldom take the time to write a review. This is why the optimal solution is to study the best auto insurance reviews from industry experts and see which option fits your needs perfectly.

Here at, we left no stone unturned when we did our research. That said, we offer you the finest auto insurance reviews available online.

Check our reviews below, or scroll to the bottom of this page to find out why our methodology gives the most objective and reliable results.

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8 Reasons to Read  Car Insurance Reviews in 2021


1) We tested all the available options in the market.


There are other good auto insurance company reviews available online. However, only a few websites examined all of the major companies in the US.


You cannot know which company offers the best auto insurance if you left out some insurers. That’s like having a basketball tournament that omits the Golden State Warriors. It doesn’t really tell you who is at the top.


2) We relied on experts’ analyses.


We know a lot about insurance. Nonetheless, there are always people who know more about a particular topic. That’s why we studied J.D. Power’s rankings, NAIC ratios, and A. M. Best ratings for all of the car insurance company reviews on our site.


3) We got a quote from every company.


Let’s face it, for the majority of customers, the price is the number one thing they consider when choosing the right car insurance. That’s why we got quotes from all the companies we tested. We always used at least three different age demographics.


4) We read customers’ feedback.


The majority of customers’ car insurance ratings and reviews are nothing but an angry lambasting. Nonetheless, there is still some truth in them. And there are always reviews that give an honest assessment of a company’s customer service.


That’s why we carefully read posts on websites like Yelp and ConsumerAffairs and included readers’ opinions in our final verdict.


5) We investigated what every company offers in detail.


From optional coverages to available discounts, we studied every insurer’s website thoroughly. We’re aiming to make a significant effort not to miss something that may interest a potential customer.


6) We checked other car insurance reviews.


We know there are other experts in this field and we are always open to listening to what they have to say. Our final verdict is always based on our analysis.


However, we often found that we agreed with the other major insurance reviews. Perhaps there is some truth in the saying “Great minds think alike.”


7) We are unbiased in our automobile insurance reviews.


It doesn’t matter if a company is a major player that invests substantially in their marketing or a small enterprise that not many people have heard of. All insurers get the same objective treatment here.


8) We know a thing or two about insurance.


My colleague and I have worked in the insurance industry for years, as an agent and an assistant underwriter. We’ve learned the inner workings of insurance policies, from quote to renewal. We know what clients want and what’s best for them. Feel free to get in touch with us if would like to learn more about us or our methodology.




No matter how trustworthy they are, auto insurance reviews and ratings can never tell the full story. There are always individual factors, like your driving record and your location, which the insurance companies will take into account when offering you a policy.


That’s why the ideal course of action is to check our analyses, choose up to five insurance companies, and get a quote from them. Only then you can see which one matches your needs and budget perfectly.


However, when making your shortlist of companies,’s auto insurance reviews is the right place to start.

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