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by Nikola Djurkovic

Carsurance Verdict: Affordable, with excellent customer service, Erie is a terrific choice for many drivers. However, the company is available only in 13 states, and it does not offer a mobile app. Still, if available, it’s absolutely worth your attention.

The Erie Insurance Group was founded in 1925 in Pennsylvania. It is headquartered in the city of Erie, and it operates in 13 states in the northeastern part of the United States. Erie prefers to build its business through a network of independent agents rather than base its services online. Quotes are available online, but an agent will ultimately handle them.

Erie strives to present itself as a reputable and professional, no-nonsense company—whose exceptional customer service we see verified in so many Erie insurance reviews—that primarily targets reliable and safe drivers.

Product Overview

Erie insurance can be bought in the states of Pennsylvania, Maryland, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Virginia, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Tennessee, and the District of Columbia. Most Erie insurance reviews will confirm the brand’s reliable operations, reasonable prices, and fantastic customer satisfaction, noting excellent customer service grades.

It is also among the most competitive options for car insurance in terms of price, and it offers Rate Lock as a unique feature, which enables your rate to remain the same with each new period. You can create your Erie insurance login credentials or browse Erie’s coverage options on their simple, attractive website; however, their online tools are limited, and there is no mobile app.

Financial Strength

Erie insurance has excellent financial strength. It is a Fortune 500 company, currently ranked in 382nd place. It also has one of the best possible ratings from A.M. Best, which is A+ or Superior. These factors indicate that your Erie insurance claim will certainly be covered. If you are considering buying auto insurance from Erie, the company’s financial stability should not be a concern.  

Types of Insurance Offered

Erie offers all of the coverage that is commonly found in auto insurance, such as collision, liability, medical payments, and uninsured or underinsured motorist. Additionally, their many additional coverage options are unique or offer a unique twist on the standard, as confirmed in many Erie auto insurance reviews. These include the following:

Damaged Windshield Repair – In case a damaged windshield doesn’t need to be replaced, but can be repaired instead, the deductible will be waived.

Lowering Deductible – Your deductible will be decreased by $100 after each year you don’t have a claim, up to $500, which is the maximal deductible reduction.

Gap Coverage – In case you suffer a total loss, Erie will cover the difference between the worth of your vehicle and the amount that is left on your car loan.

Injury to Pets – It is excellent news that Erie auto insurance includes pet coverage in the standard policy. In case your furry companion gets injured in a car accident, you can obtain up to $500 for veterinary expenses per single pet, or up to $1,000 if multiple pets were injured.

Damage to the Property – Physical damage coverage includes any clothing, luggage, and personal belongings that were present inside an insured car. It covers damages up to $350.

Transportation Expenses Coverage This feature is included only with comprehensive coverage. It covers the cost of transportation expenses, such as bus tickets or a rental car, while you’re waiting for your vehicle to be repaired.

Accident Forgiveness – This is another useful feature from the Erie insurance company that’s included in their standard policy. If you were driving for three years without an accident, your rates won’t go up after your first at-fault accident.

Lockout Coverage – This option covers locksmith expenses in case you lock yourself out of a car, up to $75.

Standout Feature

The top special feature offered by Erie insurance is called “Rate Lock.” If you have a record of safe driving, you can purchase Rate Lock and your rates won’t increase unless you make significant changes to the policy, like removing or adding a vehicle or a driver or changing the address of your primary residence. Otherwise, rates stay the same even in the case of a claim or an accident.

Customer Service

The Erie insurance company rating shows impressive when it comes to customer satisfaction. The insurer bagged the top rank in the insurance shopping category, with a perfect score of 5 stars out of 5. Erie is also ranked third in claims handling, but its score in this category is not all that great — 3 stars out of 5. Nevertheless, in regional studies the insurer is ranked in the top three in all three regions in which it features — Mid-Atlantic region (first rank), Southeast (second rank), and North Central (third rank). 

Erie also gets an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, which analyzes how fairly disputes are handled and if the company behaves ethically, presenting all of its practices to the customer clearly. The positive Erie insurance reviews and  BBB rating speak well of the company, but there’s more: Erie placed 4th out of 23 insurance providers when ranked by the reputable insurance reviews website NerdWallet, receiving 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Statistics also favor Erie’s customer service. Its NAIC complaint ratio rating is 0.64, which indicates significantly fewer complaints than the standard for a company that big. Overall, the impression is that Erie provides top-notch customer service.

Ratings of Erie Auto Insurance in customer service

However, there were some strikingly negative Erie insurance reviews on websites like Yelp and consumeraffairs.com. Customers complained mostly about the claims handling process and towing process. Additionally, many users complained that Erie canceled their policy without any valid reason. It is worth taking a quick look at those reviews since they are in significant contrast to the good ratings gathered from the Better Business Bureau and J.D. Power.

However, it should be noted that customers have a higher tendency to leave a review if the experience was overwhelmingly negative. The fact that those particular customers had an awful experience doesn’t mean that the majority of customers had an unpleasant one.


There are many discounts offered per Erie car insurance reviews that are typical for the auto insurance industry. Those include: Safe Driving Discount – This is available for those with a good driving record. Low Usage Discount – This is for insured drivers who don’t use their car much or don’t drive it at all. Safety Equipment Discount – The discount is available for vehicles equipped with safety features like airbags or theft prevention devices. This discount is not available in Kentucky. Young Driver Discount – It’s provided for young drivers who live with parents, are unmarried, or have good grades. Discount for Bundling Multiple Cars – When there are multiple vehicles on the same policy, Erie car insurance will offer a discount. This is a common practice among auto insurance companies. Discount for Bundling Multiple Policies – This is also offered by most auto insurance providers. If the customer has a homeowners or life insurance policy with Erie, a bundle discount is available. This discount is not available in Kentucky. Discount for Paying Upfront – If a customer wants to pay the policy in full at the start of the term, a discount is available. Discount for Loyal Customers – It’s available for customers who have had an auto policy with Erie for 15 years without an accident. Erie will not increase rates if this discount is applied, though it’s only available in specific states.

About Insurance Rates

While some Erie auto insurance reviews listed the company among the more expensive options, those offering the most detailed data found Erie to be among the cheaper auto insurance providers in the US. To verify that, we requested a full coverage quote in New York City for three different age demographics. Erie Auto Insurance Monthly Premiums compared to its top competitors Our Erie auto insurance rate comparison only confirms that  that the company offers prices that are among the best. In general, Erie shows a tendency to insure safe, reliable drivers who are likely to get the most competitive quote offer on the market. Younger drivers, on the other hand, may be charged more than average. If you are such category, checking our car insurance reviews will help you find more affordable options.

Erie Auto Insurance Compared with Top Competitors

Erie vs. Allstate

Car insurance reviews confirm that Erie is significantly cheaper than Allstate, both in auto insurance and in homeowners insurance, for those interested in bundling. They both have an outstanding A+ financial rating. On the other hand, Allstate has an average customer service rating, while Erie excels in this field. Allstate is available in more states than Erie, which is an advantage. However, if you are located in a state where Erie car insurance operates, and if you aren’t looking for the custom coverage available only through Allstate, Erie is very likely a better option.

Erie vs. State Farm

State Farm is also a more expensive option than Erie when it comes to auto and homeowners insurance. State Farm has the best possible financial rating as well, meaning that there should be no worries that you will be covered in case of a claim. Erie insurance reviews highlight how the company is the champion of customer service satisfaction, whereas State Farm has average scores. Being the largest auto insurance provider, State Farm offers more extensive coverage options; it’s more internet friendly and is present in more states. However, for those located in the states where Erie’s available, it may be that they offer cheaper and more reliable coverage.

Erie vs. Travelers Insurance

Travelers has an average or slightly above-average customer service rating, which is better than the rest of the competition but still less impressive than most Erie auto insurance reviews and ratings. They both share “Superior” financial ratings, and Travelers offers some interesting coverage options like Ridesharing for Uber and Lyft drivers, while Erie does not. Travelers covers almost all of the states, while Erie is limited to the Northeast. Nonetheless, everything said in the State Farm and Allstate comparison applies here: if you live in a state where Erie offers insurance, and if you are not interested in any options exclusive to Travelers, Erie is likely a better choice.

Best Alternatives

Overall, Erie seems like an excellent option per the best auto insurance reviews—unfortunately, it has limited availability. If you live in states where its quotes are obtainable, like North Carolina, we urge you to give it a shot. If it is unavailable, Geico and State Farm are a solid alternative available in every US state. Other options that are rated highly are Amica Mutual, Auto-Owners, and Travellers. In addition, Progressive insurance is a good alternative for high-risk drivers.

Other Expert’s Thoughts

Erie insurance reviews rate the company highly. It is ranked first and third in J.D. Power insurance shopping and claims handling studies. It is also placed as the fourth best auto insurance company in the US according to NerdWallet, with the rating of 4.5 stars out of 5.

1. Is Erie good insurance for cars?

In most of the cases, the answer is a firm yes. The quotes that Erie offers are among the cheapest for most drivers, their customer satisfaction is excellent according to trustworthy sources, and Erie car insurance reviews paint a picture of a professional and reliable company. On the other hand, Erie insurance is offered only in the northeastern states, and their online tools are limited.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Erie good insurance for cars?

In most of the cases, the answer is a firm yes. The quotes that Erie offers are among the cheapest for most drivers, their customer satisfaction is excellent according to trustworthy sources, and Erie car insurance reviews paint a picture of a professional and reliable company. On the other hand, Erie insurance is offered only in the northeastern states, and their online tools are limited.

2. Can I pay Erie insurance online?

Yes. Your insurance payment can be completed online. However, only one type of claim can be filed online, and that is glass repair. All other claims must be handled either by contacting an agent or by calling the Erie customer service number. Those who rely on mobile devices should keep in mind that there is no mobile app for Erie insurance.

3. How do you receive Erie insurance discounts?

You can receive Erie insurance discounts in many different ways. Options include multiple vehicles, multiple policies, young driver, safe driving, safety features, paying upfront, and low usage discounts.

4. Does Erie insurance take credit cards?

It does, but note that credit card payments may not be supported for all Erie insurance payment plans. Visa, Discover, MasterCard, and American Express are all supported.  

5. Does Erie insurance have roadside assistance?

Yes. Erie offers an optional roadside assistance package, and you are covered for towing to the nearest garage where your car can be repaired, plus 20 miles. If you select this package, in case of an accident, you have the option to contact the towing company of your choice or call the Erie insurance phone number directly.

6. How do I cancel my Erie Insurance?

Keep in mind that car insurance is mandatory, and unless you are not planning to drive your vehicle, you should seek another insurance provider if you’re unhappy with your current one. Cancelation can be completed by calling customer service or sending an email to Erie. However, the best option is to contact one of the local Erie insurance agents. This can be done via email, telephone, or in person. Whichever option is chosen, written notice of cancelation is always required before the policy is canceled.

7. Erie or Geico, which is better?

Both are solid options; however, according to the more reputable auto insurance reviews, Erie offers lower rates and better customer service overall. The best option is to get both a Geico and an Erie insurance quote and compare the offers. You’ll likely find that Erie is best for drivers with a good record or those who are usually categorized as safe drivers. Nevertheless, Geico writes auto insurance in all 50 states of the US, compared to Erie’s 13.

8. What is Erie Insurance’s A. M. Best rating?

Erie Insurance gets an A+/Superior rating from A. M. Best, which is nearly the highest rating possible. This indicates that the company certainly has the financial power to cover any expenses in case of a claim, and most Erie insurance reviews indicate the company is willing to pay claims without much fuss.

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