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by Tony Arevalo
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Carsurance Verdict: AAA is an affordable insurer with good customer service ratings. You must be a member to buy AAA’s insurance, but you’ll get free roadside assistance, which makes it worth it. Overall, while not the best, AAA is worth looking into.

The AAA Auto Club was founded in 1902. It is one of the oldest insurance providers in the US with divisions in every state. Its headquarters are located in Heathrow, Florida. These units operate independently, but they maintain a close collaboration.

AAA offers insurance only to those who are already club members. They sometimes underwrite their policies and sometimes act like a broker by offering discounts to their members. They offer several types of insurance such as homeowners, life, and auto. We checked many AAA insurance reviews and used our own data to determine where the company ranks in the US car insurance market.

Product Overview

Being a member of the Auto Club isn’t expensive, costing $38–$74 per year for the basic package, and it offers benefits like AAA’s well-known roadside assistance (just call the AAA insurance phone number, which is 800-922-8228, in case of an emergency). Comparatively, these types of benefits usually cost extra with other insurance companies. There are a total of 51 AAA Auto Clubs in the US, and because they function as independent but closely connected organizations, their prices and the specific details offered by their auto insurance may vary by location.

AAA insurance reviews indicate that the rates are usually very competitive, being one of the cheapest on the market. Reports on customer service note that it is well regarded, but not the finest among the competition. AAA also has a convenient mobile application which can be used to provide a digital proof of insurance in case you are pulled over or if you were involved in an accident. The app can also be used to complete a AAA insurance payment or get an insurance quote in some states. Additionally, claims will be completed within 24 hours, which is guaranteed by the 24-hour claim processing service.

Financial Strength

AAA has been in the business for over 100 years, and its financial stability is solid. The company operates through many agencies, and they all have strong A. M. Best financial ratings, ranging from A+ to A-, that is, from Superior to Excellent. Potential customers should not worry that they will not get their money’s worth in case of a damaged vehicle. These ratings indicate that they have the ability to pay all AAA insurance claims in case of an accident.

Types of Insurances Offered

Given that AAA insurance is part of the Auto Club, certain perks that other brokers charge extra for, like roadside assistance, are automatically included with every package. Besides these, AAA has the coverage options commonly found in the auto insurance industry, such as collision and bodily injury, comprehensive, liability, property damage, underinsured motorist, medical, and personal injury coverage.

There are also some noteworthy coverage additions, although AAA doesn’t offer the variety that some of the competition has in this department. Keep in mind that particular details may vary depending on the location of your Auto Club office. Sometimes these options will be automatically included, and sometimes they will cost extra. Check with your local agent to get a AAA insurance quote for all the details.

Rental Car Reimbursement This coverage pays rental car, public transit, or even ride sharing expenses while you are waiting for your vehicle to be repaired.

Accident Forgiveness – If you have a record as a save driver, a single accident will not increase your premium.

Gap Coverage – In case your car suffers a total loss, gap insurance pays the difference between the replacement cost of your vehicle and the amount left on your loan.

Insurance for Non-Owners – In case you drive but you don’t own a car, AAA auto insurance provides liability coverage.

Pet Injury Coverage – If you travel with your pet and it gets injured in a car accident, this option covers the veterinary expenses up to $500.

Custom Modification Coverage – In case you have modified your car, perhaps by installing a cool-looking bumper or a fancy new audio system, this option covers the damage to the extra equipment added to the vehicle.

Rental Car Coverage – This option offers to cover damage to a rental car in case of an accident.

Customer Service

AAA auto insurance reviews show a score that varies from average to excellent when it comes to satisfaction with customer service. The Better Business Bureau gives it the average score of an “A,” with some clubs getting the highest possible, A+. AAA also receives less negative reviews and complaints than a regular company of its size, which is indicated by its complaint rating of 0.55, awarded by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners. The AAA insurance company rating by J.D. Power, which conducted comprehensive research into claims satisfaction and insurance shopping, is an average 3 out of 5 stars in both categories.

Various ratings of AAA insurance in Customer Service

It should be noted that there are many negative reviews on websites like ConsumerAffairs and USInsuranceAgents, with customers complaining about the low quality of towing services, increases in premiums, and unprofessional customer representatives. This should be taken with a grain of salt given the fact that if everything went smoothly, a customer will often not take the time to leave a review, while if the experience was overwhelmingly negative, they will certainly complain.


We should note that AAA auto insurance reviews highlight that the discounts offered by them vary depending on your location, and some discounts may not be available at all in your area. With that in mind, AAA’s insurance discounts are not small in number, and they can also bring down the price of your car insurance significantly. To verify the discounts available in your location and any other details, we recommend you call the AAA customer service number.

Safe Driver Discount – If you have a good driving record, you can save up to 20%.

Bundle Discount – If you are buying homeowners or life insurance through AAA as well, you can save up to 20% on your premium.

Multiple Vehicles Discount – If you insure two or more vehicles, you can save up to 27%.

Mileage Discounts – If you provide accurate mileage readings upon request, you are eligible for up to a 19% discount. You can also receive up to 12% off if your odometer confirms low mileage.

Discount for Loyalty – If you have been insured with AAA for at least one year with no reported claims, you can save around 5%. You can also get up to 12% off in AAA insurance discounts if you’ve had continuous coverage with your previous insurance provider for three or more years without a claim.

Advanced Purchase Discount – If you are renewing your car insurance policy, and you complete a payment at least seven days before the old policy expires, you can save 5% off your premium.

Discount for Paying in Full – If you pay the premium in full at the start of the term, a discount of 5% is given.

Good Student Discount – Another plus mentioned in some AAA car insurance reviews is if you are a young driver with good grades, you can save up to 15% on your premium.

AAA OnBoard Discount – AAA installs a device in your car that monitors things like sudden braking and acceleration to determine how safely you drive. If you meet the criteria, the discount ranges from 10% to 20%. Progressive insurance has a similar option. For AAA, this is only available in Texas.

Glass Deductible Discount – AAA requires no deductibles for any car window replacement or repair, compared to most other providers who require deductibles for glass replacement but not repairs.

About Insurance Rates

Our AAA auto insurance rate comparison, gathered from the most reliable auto insurance reviews, shows that the company’s prices fall into the cheaper end of the spectrum. For a 20-year-old male driver, AAA’s price is $57 more than that of Progressive, the most affordable option. For a 20-year-old female driver, the difference is only $30. And for categories that are traditionally perceived as safer drivers, like a couple in their 30s, AAA auto insurance also offers very competitive rates. If the couple has no tickets, the monthly rate is $194, which is $41 more than the cheapest option, and if the couple has one ticket, the monthly rate is $230, which is $47 more than the cheapest option.

AAA Car Insurance Prices Compared to its Top Competitors

We did our research by getting a quote for a 40-year-old driver, and we found that AAA rates score very close to the average. The monthly premium offered by AAA was $237, which is extremely close to the total average of $235, found when we tested more than 15 insurance companies that offered an online quote option. Overall, AAA car insurance may not be the best choice for those looking to get the cheapest deal (check Progressive, Geico and Erie), but their rates still belong on the competitive side of the market.

AAA Auto Insurance Compared with Top Competitors

AAA vs. Allstate

Allstate has a slightly better financial rating at A+, while AAA’s financial rating ranges from A- to A+, depending on the branch. Both AAA and Allstate have average customer service ratings per J.D. Power for claims satisfaction and shopping satisfaction. Both options are available in all US states. Allstate also has its motorist club, which provides similar benefits to what AAA offers.

AAA vs. State Farm

State Farm is a significantly more expensive option than AAA. On the other hand, it has the best possible financial rating, while AAA car insurance reviews score slightly lower than average. However, both are good enough that you should not worry that you won’t be covered in case of a claim.

State Farm does offer wider coverage options, being one of the largest auto insurance providers in the US. However, AAA is usually cheaper, and those perks of being a member of the AAA club should not be taken for granted.

Both State Farm and AAA insurance claims and shopping reviews have the same average scores when it comes to customer satisfaction. Concerning overall performance, AAA is ranked third while State Farm is ranked eighth in NerdWallet’s ranking. Basically, the two are close, and your choice will have to depend on what you want out of your car insurance company.

AAA vs. Travelers Insurance

Travelers has a “superior” financial rating, while AAA ranges from “excellent” to “superior.” It also offers more coverage options, including ridesharing coverage. Travelers is rated as sixth in Nerdwallet’s comprehensive review, while AAA is rated as third. The Travelers and AAA insurance customer service ratings are both average or slightly above the average, and they both have 3 stars in their J.D. Power reviews. Altogether, it seems that AAA is a better option looking for basic coverage if the state you are located in offers reasonable prices.

Best Alternatives

Price wise, Progressive offers rates that are lower than those of AAA. Erie has better customer service, and it also has very low rates; however, it is unfortunately available only in a small number of states. AAA, however, offers customers the unique combination of being an Auto Club member and enjoying an affordable premium.

Other Expert’s Thoughts

AAA insurance reviews provided by the BBB have assigned it the average grade of “A” for customer satisfaction. In addition, J.D. Power gives AAA 3 out of 5 stars in both the claims handling satisfaction and shopping categories. The Automobile Club Group is also rated at third place out of 23 tested in the rankings of the best insurance providers in the US by NerdWallet.

The reputable site, ValuePenguin gives AAA 3.5 stars out of 5, while Finders also gives a favorable review, listing more advantages than disadvantages. As you can tell, AAA insurance reviews agree that this company is a very good option.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does AAA provide car insurance?

AAA is a motorist club that charges for memberships and offers benefits like roadside assistance and travel discounts. They also offer an option to buy auto and homeowners insurance with a discount for club members. Sometimes AAA underwrites their policies and sometimes it acts as a broker.

2. Is AAA good insurance for cars?

AAA offers good insurance services according to the best auto insurance reviews, with great financial strength, competitive prices, and reliable customer service, although they are not at the top in any of these categories. What really sets AAA apart from the competition are the benefits from being part of the AAA Club.

If getting a good quote is available in your location and you like the idea of Auto Club membership benefits, AAA is certainly a good option. But just keep in mind that AAA’s offers vary significantly from state to state as you consider their insurance coverage and go through any other AAA auto insurance reviews.

3. Is the AAA membership worth it?

The AAA membership is not expensive by itself, and it offers several perks, like excellent roadside assistance, discounts for renting cars, hotels, and air travel. There are other options if you are interested just in those perks. However, if you are also planning to buy auto insurance through AAA, you will get a discount as a member anyways, meaning the benefits of being a member of the Auto Club comes as a bonus if the overall price is good.

4. How do you receive AAA discounts?

There are many discounts available, as many AAA reviews verify. You can receive discounts on auto insurance if you are a safe driver, a good student, drive low mileage, insure multiple vehicles, bundle with other insurance types, pay in full, or pay in advance. Loyalty discounts are also offered.

5. What is AAA’s A. M. Best rating?

AAA underwrites some of their auto insurance policies, while sometimes they act as a broker for other insurance companies, meaning that its A. M. Best rating varies. However, all of these ratings are very solid, ranging from A+, which is Superior, to A-, which is Excellent, thus proving that AAA’s financial stability should not be a matter of concern.

6. AAA vs. Geico?

Both AAA and Geico are at the cheaper end of the spectrum. As many AAA insurance reviews will remind you, AAA’s offers and add-ons may vary significantly depending on your location. Geico also ranks very well when it comes to customer service. The company offers unique benefits of being a member of their Auto Club, which can get you discounts on items such as travel and car rentals. If those options suit your needs, then AAA is the obvious choice; otherwise, they are both solid options.

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