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The Co-operators Car Insurance Review

The Co-operators’ Rating
  • Financial Strength
  • Services Offered
  • Customer Service
  • Insurance Rates

Carsurance Verdict:

Top-notch customer service, affordable rates, and reasonably-strong financial health make The Co-operators a winner all-round. You cannot go wrong with it.


  • Superior customer service
  • Affordable premiums
  • A wide range of optional coverages
  • Available nationwide


The competition offers more discounts

The Co-operators Group Limited was established in 1945 by farmers from the Atlantic, Quebec, Ontario, and Saskatchewan provinces.  Its founding members wanted to set up a fully Canadian-owned company with a co-op model rather than a for-profit one. 

To determine the quality of auto insurance offered by The Co-operators Insurance, we perused its various online reviews, checked out the latest data and ratings, and compared its performance with its peers on important factors, such as price, customer service, affordability, and financial health.

In short, we found The Co-operators to be one of the best options in the Canadian car insurance market.

Read our comprehensive review to see why it is such a terrific choice.

The Co-operators Insurance Products Overview

Available all across Canada, The Co-operators is a well-respected name in the country’s insurance industry. It specializes in affordable, customer-oriented, and dependable auto insurance products. 


Easy, Hassle-Free Claim Process

The Co-operators insurance claims process is fast and simple. Once you submit a claim — which you can file online, through a mobile app, or via phone — the insurer promises to do its best to get you back on the road as quickly as possible. 

Unlike most other Canadian auto insurers, The Co-operators also offers free claims counselling to help you decide whether or not to file a claim. Your inquiry will not impact your premium or policy in any way. 

The Co-operators Enhanced Service Program

If you want the insurer can recommend a quality auto repair shop near you during the initial stage of The Co-operators claims process. The Co-operators guarantees all repairs done at its pre-approved body shops, as long as you own the vehicle. 

Online Services

An Online Services account allows you to access, manage, and modify your auto policy anywhere, anytime. Additionally, you’ll be able to make payments, file a claim, and update your personal details. You can set up an account online using an active policy number. In case you can’t find the number or don’t have an active policy, dial this The Co-operators insurance contact number: 1-855-446-2667.

Signature Feature — Informative Website

The Co-operators website is the most content-rich among all Canadian auto insurers. It is packed with tons of information about coverage options and advice on how to drive safely and save on car insurance. In addition to a capacious website, The Co-operators has a capable mobile app. If you’re a tech-savvy person, you can download The Co-operators insurance mobile app to manage your policy, pay bills, and make a claim on the move.

Financial Strength

The financial strength of an insurance company is important because it indicates its ability to pay out claims. The Co-operators’ financial rating is “Excellent” (“A−”), according to A.M. Best, a US-based rating agency. In other words, you can count on it to not look for legal loopholes or make excuses when you file a claim. 

Types of Insurances Available

In our The Co-operators insurance review we found that it offers all mandatory and popular coverages in the Canadian car insurance market, namely third-party liability coverage, uninsured automobile coverage, accident benefits coverage, direct compensation property damage (DPCD) coverage, collision or upset coverage, comprehensive coverage, specified perils coverage, and all perils coverage. 

Apart from these, The Co-operators offers the following add-ons for extra protection:

Accident Forgiveness

If you have this endorsement, The Co-operators General Insurance Company will not bump up your car insurance premium after your first at-fault accident, provided you haven’t had an accident in the last six years. 

Loss of Use Coverage

Also known as rental car reimbursement, this is one optional coverage that most top Canadian car insurance companies offer, including The Co-operators. It covers the cost of using a rental car or any other mode of transport, such as a taxi or public transit if your car has become unusable because of a covered accident or been destroyed or stolen. The Co-op Insurance will provide coverage up to the maximum amount mentioned in your policy until your car gets repaired, replaced, or recovered, or you receive the claim amount. 

Family Protection Endorsement

This add-on can ease your financial burden if you or a family member is hurt or killed in an accident with an uninsured or underinsured driver. 

Limited Waiver of Depreciation

Also known as the new car replacement coverage. Select this option on your policy, and The Co-operators Insurance Company will not apply depreciation to your new car for up to 2 years. This means that you will be reimbursed for the full value of your car, of course, minus any deductible, if it gets totalled within 2 years of purchase. 

Legal Liability for Damage to Non-Owned Automobiles

This add-on extends your auto insurance policy coverage to any car that you borrow or rent for personal use in Canada or in the US. 

Additional Equipment Coverage

It provides coverage for add-ons, like a stereo, or components installed in your car, such as custom rims.

The Co-operators Customer Service Ratings

The Co-operators is one of the big players of the Canadian insurance industry. But does it take good care of its customers? What do customer satisfaction surveys say? 

Research shows its customer service ratings are just about as good as they get. The Co-operators Car Insurance Company earned the full five stars in three out four provinces included in the 2019’s J.D. Power Canada Study: Alberta, Atlantic region, and Ontario

The insurer also enjoys the highest possible rating of “A+” from Better Business Bureau, a non-profit organization that rates companies on their ability to handle complaints. This result confirms that The Co-operators is one company that puts the customer first. 

However, The Co-operators auto insurance reviews on InsurEye, an independent car insurance site, have a definite negative bias. That said, you might want to take this result with a pinch of salt. Not a single major Canadian insurer has managed a 2-star rating on InsurEye, which goes to show that, statistically speaking, consumers are more likely to share a negative experience on it than a positive one. 

Overall, The Co-operators’ customer satisfaction is as good as it gets.

Available Discounts

The Co-operators doesn’t offer as many discounts as its competitors, such as Allstate and RBC. In fact, The Co-operators insurance reviews reveal that it only offers these five discounts.  

En-route Auto Program Discount 

You can save as much as 25% at renewal if you take part in The Co-operators’ en-route program. It uses a telematics-powered app to monitor your driving and rewards you for safe behaviours, according to the reviews regarding The Co-operators insurance. And the icing on the cake is that you get a 5% discount right away for just signing up. 

What’s more, the insurer will not bump up your premium if the app doesn’t rate you well. In other words, joining the en-route auto program will save you money any way you look at it. 

The en-route program mobile app is available on both Google Play and the App Store. 

Multi-Product Discount 

You can lower your monthly bill by pairing The Co-operators’ home insurance and auto insurance. 

Multi-Vehicle Discount

Have more than one car? Insure all of them with The Co-operators and net a handsome discount. 

Driver-Training Discount

The Co-operators offers a discount to new drivers who enroll in a driver’s education or defensive driving course. 

Winter Tires Discount

If you install certified winter tires, the insurer will give you a discount on your car insurance premium. 

The Co-operators Insurance Rates Comparison

The Co-operators recently earned a perfect score in overall satisfaction, but does it also offer affordable insurance? Or would you have to break the bank to buy coverage? 

To find out, we conducted a quote comparison in multiple Canadian provinces. Guess, what we found? 

The Co-operators is actually one of the most cost-effective auto insurers around! So for once, you can enjoy the best of both worlds — great service and affordable premiums.

The Co-operators Auto Insurance prices compared to its main rivals in Montreal

Let’s use our The Co-operators auto insurance quote in Montreal as an example. At $93 a month, it emerged as the second-most affordable option after TD Insurance ($76/month). The Co-operators’ premium was roughly 24% cheaper than the city’s average. 

Our referenced driver was a 40-year-old male with a clean driving record, and our referenced vehicle was a 2018 Honda City Sedan SE, averaging 15,000 km in a year.

The Co-operators Insurance vs The Competition

The Co-operators vs Aviva

The difference between the two in customer service couldn’t be more striking. The Co-operators consistently tops the customer service surveys, as confirmed by its top rank in 2019’s J.D. Power Canada study for the Ontario, Alberta, and Atlantic regions. Aviva, on the other hand, is the perpetual laggard, coming dead-last in Alberta and Atlantic regions, second-to-last in Quebec, and third-last in Ontario. 

If that’s not enough, in some cities, like Montreal and Quebec City, The Co-operators insurance quote is cheaper than Aviva’s. Thankfully, the latter proves itself to be a more cost-effective option in many places, so at least it has that going for it. 

In the financial strength department, Aviva has its nose in front ever so slightly, earning an “A” rating by A.M. Best compared to The Co-operators’ “A-”.  

However, there’s one department in which Aviva thoroughly outshines The Co-operators Group Insurance — ride-sharing coverage. Unlike the latter, it offers Lyft ride-sharing insurance in Ontario. 

Unless that works for you or Aviva is significantly cheaper in your city, there’s no reason to pick it ahead of The Co-operators, which has it all — quality customer service, affordable rates, and robust financial health. 

The Co-operators vs Intact 

Intact has a much better record in customer service than Aviva. Still, it is no match for The Co-operators Insurance, which is in a league of its own. 

To make matters worse for Intact, The Co-operators shows up as a more affordable option in most places. For instance, in Montreal, the latter’s premium rate is roughly 14% cheaper than Intact’s. 

Nonetheless, Intact comes across as a better option for Uber drivers and consumers who want to use Turo to earn some side cash, thanks to its ride-sharing and car-sharing coverages. The Co-operators car insurance, on the other hand, offers neither. 

Intact also does better in the financial strength department, earning the second-highest rating of “A+” from A.M. Best. In comparison, The Co-operators got an “A−”. 

Nonetheless, better prices and outstanding customer service swing our preference in The-Cooperators’ favour.

The Co-operators vs Desjardins

Desjardins, like Aviva and Intact, can’t light a candle to The Co-operators when it comes to customer service. The latter’s performance in 2019’s J.D. Power Canada study is disappointing to say the least — a marked contrast to the pristine record of The Co-operators Car Insurance. Desjardins got the last rank in Ontario and a lowly eighth rank (out of 11 insurers reviewed) in Quebec. 

However, we got mixed results when we did a price comparison between the two. While The Co-operators is much more affordable than Desjardins in Montreal and the rest of Quebec, the latter delivers a better bargain in Calgary. In comparison to The Co-operators Insurance Calgary quote, Desjardins’ premium is 28% cheaper on average. 

As far as financial health is concerned, both are on a solid footing. Although Desjardins is not ranked by A.M. Best, it got impressive ratings from both Moody’s (“AA1”) and S&P (“A+”).  

To sum it up, place The Co-operators ahead of Desjardins if you want top-notch customer service and below it if the latter is considerably cheaper.

Best Alternatives

In our The Co-operators Insurance review, we found that its premiums, while affordable, are not the cheapest. If you want dirt-cheap auto insurance, TD Insurance will suit you better. On the other hand, if you are looking for car-sharing insurance coverage, consider Intact or Aviva, depending on whether you are an Uber or Lyft driver.  Sonnet, in comparison, is an appealing option for all those who want great online tools. Additionally, The Personal scores great overall, but it is available only through an employer.

Nonetheless, none of these insurers match the Co-operators’ mix of affordability and stellar customer service. That’s why we ranked it as the best car insurance company in Canada.

Our Expert Verdict

The Co-operators is definitely a great option for car insurance. As The Co-operators insurance reviews show, it delivers the total package when it comes to affordable premiums and top-shelf customer service. It is also in good financial health and has a great reputation in the Canadian auto industry. 

In short, if you are looking for reasonably-priced car insurance backed by world-class service, don’t look further than The Co-operators.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is The Co-operators?

With $41.7 billion in assets, The Co-operators Group is one of the most successful Canadian insurance and financial services co-operatives. The Co-operators subsidiaries offer solutions mainly in P&C insurance, life insurance, brokerage operations, and institutional asset management. Its member organization includes credit union centrals, co-operative organizations, and representative farm organizations. 

2. How many Canadians do The Co-operators insure across Canada?

The Co-operators has a network of more than 2,700 financial advisors and insures millions of people across Canada. 

3. Does The Co-operators have pet insurance?

Yes, it does. Canadian Automobile Association (CAA) members can purchase exclusive pet insurance program to ease their financial burden if their pet gets injured or is sick. 

4. Who owns The Co-operators Insurance?

The Co-operators Group Limited is owned by 44 members, which includes credit union centrals, representative farm organizations, and co-ops. 

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