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Texas Farm Bureau Auto Insurance

by Nikola Djurkovic
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Carsurance Verdict: While there’s nothing fancy about Texas Farm Bureau, if you want cheap and high-quality car insurance in the Lone Star State, this should be your starting point.

Texas Farm Bureau is the state’s most prominent farmers’ organization. Its main purpose is to defend the interests of the agricultural community. Nonetheless, the company also sells home, life, and car insurance. Their offer is limited to the Lone Star State, but their car insurance is highly rated in this region.

To determine if their insurance is as good as the Texas Farm Bureau insurance reviews say, we checked the leading rankings in customer satisfaction, inquired about their discounts and optional coverages, and tested the quality of their online tools. Read on to see if this company should be your next car insurer.

Product Overview

Texas Farm Bureau is a mutual insurance company, meaning the policyholders control the company. It’s available only in the Lone Star State. Its website is basic, with little information about discounts and optional coverages, especially when compared to competitors like Geico or Allstate. It doesn’t even allow an online quote—Texas Farm Bureau prefers to handle everything through its agents.

The company does have a mobile app called MyTFB. It lets you file a claim, download proof of insurance, or obtain contact details of the nearest agent. The app looks sleek, but the customer reviews note that it has limited usability. Namely, you cannot pay your bill or see the date when your TXFB auto insurance premium is due. Almost every major insurer has an app that offers these functions, but this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give Texas Farm Bureau a chance.

The company makes up for what it lacks in the IT department by offering terrific benefits to its members.

Features – TX Farm Bureau Membership Benefits

To buy their insurance, you need to be a Texas Farm Bureau member. Its membership is relatively inexpensive, and it offers many perks. The following covers several Texas Farm Bureau benefits:

Discounts on Cars and Machinery

You can save a couple thousand dollars when you buy from brands such as Ford, Lincoln, John Deere, and CAT.

Free Sports Tickets

With a Farm Bureau Membership, you can get free access to many sports events. Still, don’t expect a free front row seat for a Houston Rockets or Dallas Cowboys game anytime soon.

Discounts on Dell Products

Dell is a proud Texas company, and you can get a discount on products and electronics if you have a Texas Farm Bureau membership.

Free Exams and a Discount on Medical Equipment

If you’re a TXFB member, you can get a free Beltone Hearing screening, or pay less for teeth whitening at Careington.

Discounts on Car Rentals, Hotels, and Amusement Parks

Texas Farm Bureau claims you can pay less whether you’re planning to visit an amusement park, book a hotel, or rent a car. We particularly agree when it comes to renting a car since the majority of the biggest companies have a partnership with the Texas Farm Bureau.

Financial strength

Because it isn’t available nationwide, it comes as no surprise that the Texas Farm Bureau insurance company is not as financially surefooted as State Farm or Geico. Nonetheless, its A. M. Best rating is a respectable “A,” or “Excellent.”

This indicates that Texas Farm Bureau has the ability to pay claims if an accident happens. And its excellent scores in customer service confirm that the company is willing to oblige.

Types of Available Insurance

Because you cannot get a Texas Farm Bureau auto quote online, you will have to tell the agent what types of insurance you prefer. This can be a nuisance considering that advanced quoting systems like Progressive’s let you adjust coverage limits separately to see how they affect your total premium.

Even when it comes to optional coverages, there’s not much to choose from. You can get all the standard protection plans available in the Lone Star State, which include liability, collision, comprehensive, personal injury protection, and uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage. When it comes to custom coverages, don’t expect to be spoiled for choice.

According to the company’s website, and the Texas Farm Bureau insurance reviews we checked, you can add these options to your policy:

Rental Car Reimbursement

If your car suffered significant damage or it was totaled, Texas Farm Bureau will cover the expenses of a rental car. This coverage has a daily limit and a maximum period of use. Texas Farm Bureau car insurance has a partnership with so many rental car providers, it’s likely they will reimburse the company you choose directly.

Death Indemnity

If the policy owner is accidentally killed in a car crash, the named beneficiary will get limited life insurance.

Roadside Assistance

This is an inexpensive add-on to your car insurance policy. It includes flat tire replacement, towing, emergency fuel and fluid delivery, battery jump starts, and locksmith services. Note that this coverage pays the services only and does not cover the cost of parts or fuel. If you need roadside help, you can call the Texas Farm Bureau insurance phone number, which is 1-800-266-5458.

Customer Service

One of the first things you’ll see when you enter the Texas Farm Bureau’s website is its excellent customer service score. In our opinion, the company has the right to brag. Simply put, it delivers an unparalleled quality of customer service in Texas. For starters, its NAIC ratio is 0.28, which is the best score out of all the major Texas insurance companies.

Texas Farm Bureau's rating in various customer service categories.

The Texas Farm Bureau insurance customer service also receives praises in J.D. Power’s 2019 Regional Rankings. It holds first place in the Texas region, beating the more powerful companies like Geico, Allstate, and State Farm. Only USAA has a better score, but it’s only available to the military. Even with the Better Business Bureau, the company holds an A+ rating.

On websites like Yelp and Consumer Affairs, the Texas Farm Bureau insurance reviews are strikingly bad, but that’s also true for any insurer that appears in our reviews.  It seems that all people who felt tricked by insurers went there to leave a review, while those who had a pleasant experience stayed silent. That’s why you should always take those ratings with a pinch of salt.


Despite the absence of detailed information on the company’s website, we managed to find the list of Texas Farm Bureau discounts. They aren’t groundbreaking, meaning you can get them from almost any insurer, but they’re still a welcome addition to the already affordable premiums.


If you buy multiple kinds of insurance from the Texas Farm Bureau, like homeowners, life, and auto, you can expect to pay less.


Insuring various vehicles with TXFB will get you a discount.


If you didn’t file a claim in the past three years, expect to pay a lower premium.

Passive Restraint Discount

Is your car equipped with a passive restraint system or factory installed airbags? Texas Farm Bureau will grant you a discount.

Driver Training

Completing an accredited drivers course warrants a discount.

Good Student Discount

You can qualify for this discount if you are a high school or college student and your GPA is 3.0 or higher.

Anti-theft Discount

If your vehicle has devices such as an alarm or a stolen car recovery system, your car insurance will cost less.

About Insurance Rates

Since we couldn’t get a Texas Farm Bureau insurance quote, we had to rely on other sources to confirm prices. Fortunately, we found enough information to verify that Texas Farm Bureau is among the most affordable insurers in the state.

Overall, the company was much cheaper when compared to big players like Allstate, State Farm, and MetLife. It’s policies even cost less than Geico’s, which is famous for its low prices. Out of the high-rated insurers, only Progressive can match Texas Farm Bureau as an equally budget-friendly choice.

Texas Farm Bureau Compared with Its Top Competitors

GEICO vs. Texas Farm Bureau

This is a tough choice that boils down to the extra online tools and optional coverages that Geico offers compared to the superior customer service found with the Texas Farm Bureau insurance company. We’re leaning toward the former, and that’s why we gave it the award for the best Texas car insurance in our guide.

Nonetheless, you can’t go wrong with either of these companies. We urge you to request a quote from both insurers and choose only after comparing their offers.

Texas Farm Bureau vs. Allstate

Both of these companies get excellent customer service scores, but Farm Bureau insurance has a slight edge in Texas. On the other hand, while Allstate is a more expensive option, it also offers more discounts, optional coverages, and far better online tools. It even has its Claims Satisfaction Guarantee, which gets you your money back if you’re unsatisfied with the way Allstate handled your claim. However, one thing Allstate cannot match is the perks that come with being a member of Texas Farm Bureau.

Overall, if you want more options, we would select Allstate. However, if the basic coverage is sufficient for you and you want to pay less, Texas Farm Bureau would be our top pick.

Texas Farm Bureau vs. MetLife

MetLife is no slouch in Texas. We ranked it as the second-best auto insurance company in the Lone Star State. It’s among the best in customer service, and it offers more discounts and optional coverages compared to Texas Farm Bureau auto insurance.

Nonetheless, the latter is a more affordable company, especially for younger drivers. Furthermore, it has a slight edge over MetLife in customer satisfaction ratings. That’s why we think that Texas Farm Bureau will be a better choice for the majority of drivers.

In the end, these are well-ranked companies, and we would get a quote from both of them.

Best Alternatives

Farm Bureau Texas is a market leader in the two most important categories: customer satisfaction and affordability. This means that choosing another insurer will result in a significant compromise. If you would like more coverage options and a slicker user experience, give Liberty Mutual a chance. As our review notes, it has an excellent website and mobile app.

If you’re a tech-savvy customer, Geico might be an even better choice. It has industry-leading online tools, and it is among the cheapest options. Additionally, we ranked the company as the overall winner in our Texas car insurance guide.

However, none of these insurers excel in customer service. If you’re looking for an alternative to Texas Farm Bureau insurance that won’t let you down in your time of need, Allstate, MetLife, and Farmers should be near the top of your shortlist.

In the end, if you are a member of the US army or close family, checking out USAA is a must. It’s an affordable, high-quality insurer that offers more options than Texas Farm Bureau.

Our Expert Verdict

After checking other Texas Farm Bureau insurance reviews and doing our research, it’s time to deliver the verdict.

The main drawbacks of TXFB are its weak variety of discounts and optional coverages, as well as its rudimentary online tools. However, that’s mitigated by the affordable rates and superior customer service.

While there’s nothing fancy about Texas Farm Bureau, if you want cheap and high-quality car insurance in the Lone Star State, this should be your starting point.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Texas Farm Bureau have roadside assistance?

Yes, Texas Farm Bureau insurance offers this as an optional coverage. Since there’s no choice of online quotes, you’ll have to let the agent know that you want to add roadside assistance to your policy.

Can I pay for Texas Farm Bureau insurance online

Yes. You can use your Texas Farm Bureau insurance login credentials and pay your bill online. All major credit cards are supported. However, this option is available only in the Make a Payment section of the company’s website. You cannot use the company’s mobile app to pay bills online.

Is it possible to lower my auto insurance premium?

The best course of action is to get an affordable premium in the beginning and then lower it even more during the duration of the policy. That’s done by being a reliable driver, having good grades and an excellent credit score, driving a safe vehicle, and passing a certified driving course. You can always call the Texas Farm Bureau phone number for more details since their website doesn’t have a lot of information on the types of discounts they offer.

Should I have my windshield repaired instead of replaced?

Small cracks and chips can be professionally repaired for a significantly lower price compared to windshield replacement. However, a windshield with bigger or multiple cracks, especially on the driver’s side or on the edge, should be replaced. Texas Farm Bureau insurance reviews note that if you do not replace a windshield with this level of damage, you’re putting yourself and your passengers at risk. This may void your car insurance policy.

What affects my auto insurance cost?

  • Your Profile

Your age, gender, and driving experience all determine your rate. Young and inexperienced drivers are up to nine times more likely to cause an accident. Furthermore, according to the average car insurance price statistics, males are more dangerous drivers. Insurance companies consider all these factors when determining their prices.

  • The Car You Drive

Farm Bureau insurance in Texas will remind you that your vehicle choice has a significant influence over the price. High-performance cars are faster and more likely to be involved in an accident. And luxury vehicles are more expensive to repair or replace. On the other hand, cars with safety features, anti-theft devices, or a green engine cost less to insure.

  • Your Driving Habits

Texas Farm Bureau insurance claims that the way you use your car and your driving record have the strongest influence on rates. If you frequently drive through traffic jams and cover a lot of miles annually, expect to pay more.Moreover, if you had previous citations or violations, or you need SR22 your rates will skyrocket.

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