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Nevada Auto Insurance for 2020

Looking for car insurance in Nevada? There’s some good and bad news. 

Drivers in The Sagebrush State pay $68 more for coverage than the national average. Encouragingly, there are several Nevada auto insurance companies that offer affordable coverage — and we’ll tell you all about them. 

But that’s not all. We’ll also help you get a better grasp of auto insurance laws in the state and its minimum insurance requirements. Last but not the least, we’ll share three time-tested tips that can help you cut down your annual insurance bill by as much as 60%.

The Best Auto Insurance in Nevada

  • GEICO — The Overall Winner
  • Allstate — The Best for Optional Coverages
  • Progressive — The Cheapest Option
  • Liberty Mutual — The Best for Car Replacement
  • USAA — The Best for Military

The Overall Winner: GEICO

GEICO Auto Insurance LogoGEICO has one of the most catching taglines — 15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance. But, would you really save so much simply by switching to this provider? 

Honestly, that’s hard to tell. How much you’ll save depends on what you’re currently paying. That said, one thing is clear — GEICO does provide cheap Nevada auto insurance

We compared quotes of different carriers in the Sagebrush State and found that GEICO’s rates were decidedly on the lower side. Its customer service is not half bad either. The insurer earned three stars (out of five) in the latest J.D. Power customer service study for the Nevada region (Southwest America). 

What’s more, GEICO enjoys better financial strength ratings than most Nevada insurance companies. It notched up the highest rating from A.M. Best — “A++” — which speaks volumes about its ability to pay out claims. The insurer is also ahead than most of its peers in the technology game. Its mobile app offers some features, like direct chatting with a company’s rep, which you aren’t likely to find elsewhere. 

However, GEICO doesn’t provide as many optional coverages as some other Nevada insurance providers. For instance, GAP insurance is missing from its list of features. 

Nevertheless, this is just a minor blemish. All in all, affordable rates, seriously good online tools, and superlative financial strength make GEICO a winner all-round in the Silver State.

The ratings of GEICO auto insurance in Nevada

Choose GEICO for its competitive rates and awesome online tools.

Look elsewhere if you need GAP insurance.

The Best for Its Variety of Coverage Options: Allstate

Allstate Car Insurance LogoGEICO’s weakness is Allstate’s strength, but just don’t expect cheap Nevada automobile insurance from the latter. 

Allstate boasts a far more extensive selection of coverage options than any other carrier in the Battle Born State. Whether you need rental car insurance, classic car insurance, or sound system insurance, Allstate has got you covered. It also performs impressively in the customer service department, earning the 4th overall rank out of 12 insurers in the regional study. 

However, Allstate’s dependable coverage comes at a cost — a steep one at that. For this reason, those looking for cheap Nevada auto insurance might be better off picking Progressive, GEICO, or Liberty Mutual. All the same, if you’re a safe driver, it’ll be worth getting a quote from Allstate since it offers plenty of safe driving discounts. 

To sum it up, Allstate is an appealing option for those who want special add-ons or can take full advantage of its discount programs.

The ratings of Allstate auto insurance in NevadaChoose Allstate for its wide range of add-ons. 

Look elsewhere if you want a cheap Nevada auto insurance quote.

The Cheapest Option: Progressive

Progressive Car Insurance LogoBudget buyers will find Progressive much to their liking. At $139/month, its average premium is roughly 29% lower than the state’s average. 

Aside from low-cost insurance products, Progressive offers some really cool features. A case in point is its Name Your Price tool. Thanks to it, you no longer need to hunt discounts or tweak policy limits to find the best coverage. Simply enter the amount you’re comfortable paying, and the tool will tell what’s available at that price. Plain and simple. 

Mind you, while Progressive offers the best Nevada auto insurance rates, there’s a tradeoff in customer service. The insurer could manage only two stars (out of five) and a third-last overall rank in J.D. Power’s regional study. 

However, if your priority is low-cost auto insurance, Progressive is one name you must keep on your radar.

The ratings of Progressive auto insurance in Nevada

Choose Progressive for its dirt-cheap premiums. 

Look elsewhere if you want top-shelf service.

Best for Car Replacement: Liberty Mutual

Liberty Mutual Insurance LogoLiberty Mutual has several things going for it in the Silver State and fully deserves a mention on our list of providers offering the best car insurance in Nevada

For one, it has got your back if your car breaks down. Unlike most other carriers, Liberty Mutual offers Lifetime Repair Guarantee at no extra cost. If you’re willing, the insurer will get your baby repaired in one of its repair shops, and on top of it, offer a lifetime guarantee on the repair work. 

Two, Liberty Mutual is one up on most Nevada car insurance companies when it comes to replacing a totaled car. The insurer promises to get you a car that is one model newer and has been driven 15,000 miles fewer than your current vehicle.

However, Liberty Mutual’s customer service record is not much to talk about. Also, its prices are all over the place. In some cities, like Las Vegas, its rates are high enough to make you gulp nervously. Yet in some others, like Carson City,  the insurer is among the more affordable Nevada auto insurance companies

Depending on where you live, Liberty Mutual may be an option worth considering.

The ratings of Liberty Mutual auto insurance in Nevada

Choose Liberty Mutual for its Lifetime Repair Guarantee or Better Car Replacement feature. 

Look elsewhere if you want excellent customer service or lowest rates.

Best for Military: USAA

USAA Auto Insurance LogoUSAA appears on every state list, and Nevada is no exception. The insurer boasts excellent rates, top-class customer service, and solid financial strength — a combination that’s hard to argue with on our list of best Nevada auto insurance providers.

However, before you rush to its website, you have to keep one thing in mind: USAA’s products are not for everybody. And by that, we mean that you can’t get coverage if you’re not associated with the US Military.

The ratings of USAA auto insurance in Nevada

Choose USAA for its all-round performance. 

Look elsewhere if you don’t qualify.

Cheapest Auto Insurance in Nevada (By City)

Auto insurance rates vary substantially from one city in Nevada to the next. To find out the average rate in different cities, we compiled quotes with full coverage limits from all major Nevada carriers. Our sample driver was a 40-year-old male with an impeccable record.

Las Vegas 

Las Vegas — often simply called Vegas — is the most populated city in Nevada, with an estimated population of 2,621,000. A world-renowned resort city, Vegas is known for its gambling, entertainment, fine dining, and nightlife. 

We grabbed car insurance quotes in Las Vegas from multiple players to find out the names that deliver a good bargain.

Comparison of auto insurance quotes in Las Vegas for 21-year-old drivers

Best for 21-year-olds

When it comes to car insurance premiums, young drivers often draw the short straw. For instance, they shell out 41% more on average than experienced drivers for the same level of coverage. All the same, great deals are still available. Progressive for one doesn’t strain your wallet too much, and to some extent, the same could be said about Farmers and Allstate.

Comparison of auto insurance quotes in Las Vegas for 40-year-old drivers

Best for 40-year-olds

Seasoned drivers looking for cheap car insurance in Las Vegas might find Progressive right up their alley. At $176 a month, its premium is 35% lower than the city’s average. However, its customer service is no great shakes. The insurer is ranked third from the last in J.D. Power’s regional study. If that’s a concern, check out Allstate and American Family, but be prepared for some extra outlay.

Comparison of auto insurance quotes in Las Vegas for 70-year-old drivers

Best for 70-year-olds

Progressive auto insurance in Las Vegas, Nevada, comes across as the most pocket-friendly option for senior drivers. All other insurers are considerably costlier, but if Progressive’s poor customer service record ticks you off, consider Allstate, American Family, and Farmers.


Called “the biggest little city in the world,” Reno is known for its casinos. Reno, located about 22 miles from Lake Tahoe, is fast emerging as a major technology hub in the country, thanks to large-scale investments from players like Apple, Google, Tesla, and Amazon. 

The average monthly Reno car insurance rate is $180, which is significantly cheaper than Las Vegas. Here are the names of carriers that promise low-cost insurance in this desert town.

Comparison of auto insurance quotes in Reno for 21-year-old drivers

Best for 21-year-olds

Just like in Las Vegas, young drivers have it rough compared to their more experienced counterparts. Nonetheless, American Family offers reasonably affordable coverage, and its impressive record in customer service is an added bonus. Other notable options include State Farm, AAA, and Liberty Mutual.

Comparison of auto insurance quotes in Reno for 40-year-old drivers

Best for 40-year-olds

If cheap insurance in Reno, NV, is your priority, go with State Farm. It not only has the best rates but also boasts a great customer service record. You can also add Liberty Mutual and AAA to your list, but none can hold a candle to State Farm in customer service.

Comparison of auto insurance quotes in Reno for 70-year-old drivers

Best for 70-year-olds

Senior drivers on a tight budget might want to go along with Liberty Mutual. Its rates are the lowest and its customer service — average. State Farm, although more expensive than Liberty Mutual, also provides affordable auto insurance in Reno, NV, as does AAA. For certain users, American Family might be a good option, never mind its steep price tag.


Dubbed as “the gateway to Southern Nevada,” Henderson is the second-most populous city in the Silver State, with an estimated population of 310,000. Henderson is a famous resort destination, mostly due to its proximity to three internationally renowned man-made attractions: the Las Vegas Strip, Lake Mead, and the Hoover Dam. 

Comparison of auto insurance rates in Henderson, NevadaHenderson Nevada auto insurance rates are the third-most-expensive, following Las Vegas and North Las Vegas. That doesn’t mean you must break the bank to get dependable coverage. Plenty of budget options are available, none better than Progressive and State Farm. The latter comes across as a better option, thanks to its awesome record in customer service.

North Las Vegas 

North Las Vegas is the fourth largest city in the Battle Born State, with an estimated population of 245,900. North Las Vegas is cheaper and less crowded, but just as entertaining as its world-famous neighbor.

Comparison of auto insurance rates in North Las VegasProgressive offers the most affordable car insurance in North Las Vegas. GEICO’s rates are attractive as well while its customer service is a few notches better than Progressive’s. Other names worth a look are State Farm and American Family.

Carson City 

Carson City is the capital and the sixth-largest city of Nevada. Its estimated population is 54,068. Carson City is known for its genuine wild-west history, well-reflected in its two most famous museums, Nevada State Museum and Nevada State Railroad Museum. 

Comparison of auto insurance rates in Carson City, NevadaCarson City has the second cheapest auto insurance in Nevada. So if you live in this city, you’re in luck. Progressive leads the pack when it comes to affordability, yet State Farm has an edge over it. The latter is only slightly more expensive but boasts an impeccable customer service record.


Ely was founded way back in the 1870s as a trading post and stagecoach shop in a pretty mountain town, famous for its history and art. It has an estimated population of less than 4,000. 

Comparison of auto insurance rates in Ely, NevadaEly has the lowest average car insurance rate out of all big cities in the Silver State. We grabbed a quote from multiple Ely, Nevada auto insurance companies to find out which provider offers the best value for money. According to our research, Farmers is the best option for drivers on a tight budget. Other pocket-friendly options include Progressive and GEICO. While the latter is costlier than Progressive, its customer service record is way better. But if you want the best possible service and can stretch your budget a little, State Farm is the way to go.

Nevada Auto Insurance Laws

Nevada Automobile Insurance Plan (NV AIP)

John has a poor driving record. In the last two months, four carriers have turned down his request for auto insurance. 

John is frustrated and angry. But what he doesn’t know is it’s not the end of the road for him. Help is available and goes by the name of the Nevada Automobile Insurance Plan. The plan will ensure he gets the mandatory requirements to legally drive in the Silver State, provided he meets certain conditions.

All Nevada auto insurance companies must take part in this plan and cover drivers NV AIP send their way. NV AIP, in turn, ensures no carrier gets more drivers than dictated by its market share. For instance, if Progressive writes 12% of car insurance premiums in the Sagebrush State, NV AIP will not allocate it to more than 12% of high-risk drivers. 

Mind you, if John decides to seek NV AIP’s help, he won’t get to pick an insurer of his choice. Instead, he will be assigned a Nevada automobile insurance company on a random basis for three years. Also, he will have to pay a higher than normal rate for coverage. After three years, he may well find standard car insurance, provided he maintains a clean record and pays premiums on time. 

Helpful as NV AIP is to the cause of high-risk drivers like John, it comes to the rescue only if you hold a valid Nevada driver’s license and have a car registered in the state. Also, you must fill the application truthfully and categorically state you were turned away by at least two carriers in the past 60 days.

Nevada Auto Insurance Requirements

According to Nevada’s Division of Insurance, drivers must carry the following minimum car insurance:

  • Bodily Injury Liability — $25,000 per person/$50,000 per accident. If you’re involved in an at-fault accident in which others suffer injuries, this coverage will pay for their medical expenses.
  • Property Damage Liability — $20,000 per accident. If you cause damage to another person’s car or property, your Nevada auto insurance provider will recompense others up to the policy limit.

Price Optimization in Nevada

Auto insurers look at not only your risk profile but also price sensitivity — the degree to which your behavior is affected by the price of their products — when calculating your premium. If your carrier’s statistical model labels you as someone who’s barely going to register a price hike, the insurer will bump up your rate for sure come renewal, regardless of your recent driving record. 

This practice of taking price sensitivity into account to set premium rates is called price optimization. Some states have put a lid on it for good and thankfully the Silver State is one of them. In short, Nevada auto insurance rates are based solely on risk. 

Nevada became the 20th US State to clamp down on this dubious practice. In January 2017, Nevada’s Department of Business and Industry Division of Insurance issued an official bulletin that categorically states using price optimization to set premium rates is illegal. 

Both the Center for Economic Justice and The Consumer Federation of America welcomed this bulletin, since price optimization works against the consumer, punishing them for sticking with the same provider.

SR22 Auto Insurance in Nevada

Many view an SR22 requirement with suspicion, thinking of it as a punishment. But that’s hardly the case. This legal document is no foe; it’s a friend that lets you legally take the wheel after the state has suspended or revoked your driver’s license. 

Sure, you will now have to fork out more for coverage, but that’s not SR22’s doing. Your Nevada auto insurance rate increase is on account of the violation that made SR22 compulsory, not because of SR22 itself. 

SR22 is a form —  there’s no such thing as “SR22 insurance,” no matter what others may tell you — that your insurer can file for a $15–$25 fee. However, this is no ordinary form. It proves that you’re carrying the state’s minimum car insurance, and as such are fit to drive on Nevada’s roads. 

As to the question of how long will you need SR22, that depends on your violation, but the usual time period is three years.

No-Fault NV Car Insurance Laws

Nevada is not a no-fault state like Florida. Instead, it follows the “at-fault” system, according to which the driver who causes the crash must pay the other parties for their damages. In effect, it’s the insurer of the at-fault driver who bears this financial responsibility, up to the policy limit. 

But what happens when the negligent driver doesn’t have enough coverage to cover the damages? 

If the victim wants more compensation than provided by the at-fault driver’s Nevada car insurance company, they can knock at the court’s door. In such a scenario, the court will first determine whether the accident was the fault of one or more people. 

If two or more parties share the blame, each will be assigned their share of fault. The plaintiff can receive compensation as long as they’re not more than 50% responsible for the crash. Also, the compensation will get reduced by the percent they’re at fault. For example, if you’re 10% responsible for the mishap, you will recover only 90% of your damages.

Car Insurance in Nevada for New Residents

According to AAA’s guidelines pertaining to Nevada’s car insurance laws, new residents have 30 days to register their car. Military personnel on active duty are free to maintain vehicle registration in their home state.

How to Get Cheap Nevada Car Insurance

Check Car Insurance Reviews

You may be tempted to look at the price tag when shopping for car insurance, but that would be a mistake. When things go wrong — as they are bound to sooner or later — it’s customer service and financial strength that matters. 

After all, you wouldn’t want to have anything to do with an insurer that doesn’t care much for its customers or have the pocket to pay out claims that come its way. Which brings us to the all-important question: how can you glean such information about top-ranking carriers in the Sagebrush State? 

Simple. Check out our car insurance rankings. You’ll find all the necessary information you need to make an informed decision.

Compare Nevada Auto Insurance Quotes

If you don’t want to overpay for car insurance, you got to put in a little bit of effort. Comparing quotes of different providers will tell you who delivers the best bargain as clear as the day.

See Who Provides the Highest Discounts

Auto insurers offer drivers plenty of ways to save money. The more discounts you can tack on, the lower your Nevada auto insurance cost will be.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the minimum car insurance in Nevada?

Before you hit the road in the Silver State, make sure you have the state’s mandatory car insurance coverage, which includes Bodily Injury Coverage ($25,000 per individual and $50,000 per accident) and Property Damage Liability ($20,000 per accident).

2. How much is car insurance in Nevada?

The average cost of car insurance in Nevada is $196/month. For our research, we gathered a quote, which included full coverage limits, from multiple insurance companies in Nevada. Our sample policyholder was a 40-year-old male with a good driving record. 

3. What is considered full coverage auto insurance in Nevada?

Full coverage means having coverage not only for the other guy’s car but also for yours. It combines liability coverage and collision and comprehensive coverage. 

4. Who has the cheapest car insurance in Nevada?

Progressive, with an average monthly premium of $139, tops the list of cheap Nevada car insurance providers. That said, no insurer offers the best rate to all drivers. The only way to find the lowest rate for the level of coverage you need is to get a quote from different carriers and compare them. 

5. Is car insurance cheaper in Nevada than California?

No. Compared to California, you are likely to pay slightly more for auto insurance in Nevada. Car insurance (on average) in the Silver State is $36 higher than in California.

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