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The Best and the Cheapest Car Insurance in Georgia in 2020

Are you looking for cheap car insurance in GA? We can point you to the best and the most affordable insurers.

To find out which companies offer the best deal in Georgia, we studied as many as 24 insurance providers. We started by gathering quotes from each of these companies and compared their performance on the important factors like affordability, financial strength, and customer satisfaction. We also scrutinized each insurer’s website to find out more about their discount and coverage programs. 

However, we did more than just rank the best insurance companies in Georgia. We also examined its insurance laws and tested various tactics for reducing insurance cost. If you apply them, you can save up to 60% on your car insurance. 

So what are you waiting for? Let’s get going.

The Best Auto Insurance Companies in Georgia

  • Progressive Insurance — Overall Winner
  • Auto-Owners — Best for Customer Service
  • GEICO — Best for Financial Strength
  • State Farm — Best for Discounts and Optional Coverages
  • USAA — Best for Military
  • Farmers Insurance — Best for Online Tools

The Overall Winner: Progressive InsuranceProgressive Insurance Logo

If you want cheap auto insurance in GA, you should look no further than Progressive. It beats every other company on price hands down. What’s more, it also offers many other benefits. 

For instance, did you know that Progressive specializes in high-risk drivers? This means that if your driving record is spotty, you can expect this insurer to quote you a fair price. The same, however, cannot be said of many other auto insurance companies in Georgia, who look to overcharge high-risk drivers. 

Progressive is also on a firm financial footing, which AM Best rating of A+ (Superior) confirms. In other words, you can count on the insurer to hold its end of the bargain when you file a claim. Additionally, its online tools are as good as they get.  

Progressive also offers quick online quotes and a plethora of features, in addition to cheap insurance in Georgia. One of its most notable tools is Name Your Price Tool, which lets you customize your policy by indicating your insurance needs and the price you want to pay for it. 

However, Progressive has one notable downside — the average customer service. It could manage only two stars in 2019’s J.D. Power regional ratings for the Georgia region. That said, if you can live with that, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t give Progressive a chance. The rating of Progressive Car Insurance in Georgia

Choose Progressive for dirt-cheap prices and overall strong performance.

Look elsewhere if you want the best customer service.

The Best for Customer Service: Auto-OwnersAuto-Owners Insurance Logo

Auto-Owners offers insurance buyers the best of both worlds — cheap car insurance in GA and superlative customer service. Its prices are competitive, to say the least, while customer service is better than most other insurers in Georgia. Auto-Owners grabbed four stars in J.D. Power regional rankings for the Georgia region. 

The best part is that the company is also very strong financially, receiving the highest possible ranking of A++ on AM Best index. This means that Auto-Owners is perfectly capable of paying customers’ claims. 

However, if you want to opt for Auto-Owners, you will have to call them rather than visit their website to get a quote, because the company offers GA car insurance quotes only over the phone. That’s the reason why we did not rank it ahead of Progressive, despite its superior customer satisfaction.

That said, with all the goodies that Auto-Owners has to offer, you might not mind giving up this small privilege, especially if you value customer service, financial stability, and price above everything else. The rating of Auto-Owners Auto Insurance for Georgia Customers

Choose Auto-Owners for excellent customer service, outstanding financial standing, and competitive premiums. 

Look elsewhere if you like getting your quotes online.

The Best for Financial Strength: GEICOGeico Auto Insurance Logo

GEICO has several things going for it and duly deserves mention in our list of best insurance companies in GA. It boasts of an intuitive, attractive, and user-friendly website and a great mobile app, which provides you with insurance quotes almost instantly. 

However, GEICO’s standout feature has got to be its financial strength. It grabbed the highest-possible A++ rating on AM Best index. Considering that GEICO is a subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway, ranked fourth on Fortune 500, its strong financial stability comes as no surprise. 

As far as customer service is concerned, GEICO could only manage three out of five stars. Nevertheless, it still fairs much better than many major insurance companies in Georgia, such as Progressive and Allstate. 

However, affordable rates is not GEICO’s strength. It is one of the most expensive options in Georgia, which was quite a surprise given that the company was among the most affordable options in other states. Nevertheless, if insurer’s financial stability is of utmost importance and you don’t mind paying extra for it, GEICO might just be the perfect option for you. The rating of Geico Insurance for Georgia Drivers

Choose GEICO for its superior financial strength.

Look elsewhere if you want cheap auto insurance in GA or GAP insurance.

Best for Discounts and Optional Coverages: State FarmState Farm Auto Insurance Logo

If there were prizes for offering cheap auto insurance, State Farm wouldn’t win any, as it is among the pricer options in GA. However, if there were awards for offering lots of optional coverages and discounts, State Farm would win a bagful. It offers not one or two but 13 types of discounts to people living in Georgia. There are not many Georgia insurance companies (if any at all) that can match this number. 

As far as insurance coverages are concerned, State Farm offers all the usual insurance products and many more. Whatever type of insurance you need, you can expect the insurer to give you exactly what you need, as long as you don’t mind paying a little extra. 

State Farm also boasts of a visually attractive and easy-to-use website, and getting an online quote is a cinch. Want to get car insurance quotes online in GA? Well, just fill in your zip code and some basic details and, voila, your quote will show up on the screen. 

In case you are worried about the insurer’s ability to play claims, you can safely cast your doubts aside. It notched up the highest-possible A++ rating on AM Best rankings.

All in all, State Farm would have been the perfect auto insurer for GA residents if it were not for its expensive premiums and average customer service. The rating of State Farm auto insurance for Georgia customers

Choose State Farm for its wide range of discounts and optional coverages and solid financial standing.

Look elsewhere if you want affordable car insurance in GA or the best customer service.

The Best for Military: USAAUSAA Auto Insurance Logo

USAA insurance products are not for everyone, much to the relief of other insurers. Because if they were, competitors would have had a hard time matching USAA. 

It offers some of the most affordable auto insurance products, all of which are well backed by exemplary customer service. On top of this, its financial strength is as robust as possible, which its AM Best ranking of A++ proves all too clearly. 

Even the best car insurance companies in GA might struggle to match these credentials, let alone beat them. However, as things stand out, USAA insurance is only available to active US military, veterans, and their family members. If you qualify for USAA insurance, there’s no need to look for a better deal elsewhere because it probably doesn’t exist. 

The Rating of USAA Auto Insurance in GeorgiaChoose USAA for its splendid all-round performance.

Look elsewhere if you don’t qualify for it.

The Best for Online Tools: Farmers InsuranceFarmers Insurance Logo

The moment you visit Farmers website, you can’t help but admire its user-friendliness. Everything is neatly laid out, which means any information you need is just a couple of clicks away. 

Want cheap car insurance quotes in GA online? Farmers insurance has got you covered. Just enter your basic details, and you will have your quote. It also boasts of one of the most-liked insurance app, which has a rating of 4.8 and 4.7 on the App Store and Google Play, respectively. You can use the app to pay premiums, set up payment reminders, view policy documents and ID cards, and file a claim. 

However, all these goodies come at a price. Farmers auto insurance is among the costliest in Georgia. So if you are after cheap GA auto insurance, you might want to give Farmers a pass because its premiums are on the higher side.

That said,  Farmers does offer you several advantages. If you want the freedom to access policy documents, pay bills, and register a claim anytime and from anywhere from a superior online platform, Farmers might be the one for you.The rating of Farmers car insurance in Georgia

Choose Farmers Insurance for its outstanding online tools.

Look elsewhere if you want affordable auto insurance or exemplary customer service.

Cheap Car Insurance in GA (By City)

Car insurance rates in GA vary substantially from one city to another. To verify premium rates in major GA cities, we collected quotes with full coverage limits for a 40-year-old male driving a 2018 Honda accord from all eminent GA auto insurers.


Georgia’s capital and most populated city, Atlanta, is also called a “city in a forest,” thanks to the innumerable trees that line its streets. Apart from its natural canopy, Atlanta is known for Southern hospitality, diverse musical heritage, and an international airport, which is the busiest in the world.

Comparison of car insurance price in Atlanta, GA

Unsurprisingly, Atlanta is the costliest city for car insurance in GA. That said, if you know where to look for, you can easily find car insurance quotes in Atlanta, GA that will agree with your pocket. 

Progressive insurance beats all other providers to the punch when it comes to price. Another option for price-conscious buyers is Liberty Mutual, but its customer service is subpar. 

However, if you want coverage from a more prominent provider and enjoy all the fancy features it offers, you might want to have a look at Allstate and State Farm. While GEICO and Farmers are not cheap Georgia car insurance companies by any stretch of the imagination, you might want to consider them as well, since they both are strong financially, have many optional coverages, and offer great online tools.


Located in Georgia’s classic heartland, Columbus has a rich culture and history. This is the place where the last battle of the Civil War was fought, where Ft. Benning (one of the world’s biggest military bases) is located, and where Coca-Cola was invented. 

Columbus is also fondly known as the “Fountain City” since it has more fountains than any other city in the US. 

Comparison of Auto insurance Prices in Columbus, GA

Compared to Atlanta, auto insurance is considerably cheaper in Columbus. What’s more, you can sweeten the deal further by picking your insurer carefully. Start your search with Progressive, the most affordable car insurance in Columbus, GA. Other viable options are Liberty Mutual and Allstate. 

However, if you want the bells and whistles that only big insurers can offer, you might want to consider GEICO. State Farm, on the other hand, seems to typically offer cheaper premiums for drivers with a credit score lower than 580.


Savannah is the oldest city of the state of Georgia and has a world-class reputation for Southern hospitality, antebellum architecture, manicured parks, and horse-drawn carriages. Jingle Bells, the most famous Christmas song, was supposedly written in this coastal town, which is also home to The Pirate’s Inn from Treasure Island. Monthly Auto Insurance Premiums in Savannah, GA

Progressive offers the most affordable car insurance in Savannah, GA. If you want dirt-cheap auto insurance, that’s where you should be heading to. Another good option for cost-conscious buyers is Allstate.

However, drivers with a below-par auto insurance score might be better off with State Farm, while those who value financial stability and efficient online tools above everything else should check out GEICO

Sandy Springs

A mix of urban liveliness and green spaces, Sandy Springs is just a stone throw’s away from Atlanta. It is currently the fourth most populous city in Georgia, with a population of just over 100,000. Sandy Springs is home to a wealth of stunning natural landscapes and parks. 

Monthly Car Insurance Price Comparison in Sandy Springs, GA

If you are located in Sandy Springs and looking for cheap car insurance in GA, Progressive should be your starting point. You can also add Georgia Farm Bureau to your list since its rates are very competitive. If you can afford, you might want to check out GEICO, Allstate, and State Farm as well. While all of them are on the expensive side, they offer a lot of coverage options and superior online tools.


Located in northern Fulton County, Roswell is well known for its stunning antebellum homes and Roswell Mill on Vickery Creek. Rosewell is an affluent suburb of Atlanta and state’s fifth largest city with an estimated population of about 100,000. Comparison of Car Insurance Prices in Roswell, GA

When it comes to affordable auto insurance in Roswell, GA, Progressive stands ahead of the pack while George Farm Bureau takes the second place. We’d also add State Farm, Allstate, and GEICO to the list of quote-worthy insurers in Roswell. 

Both State Farm and Allstate offer a lot of coverage options and discounts, and might be a good choice for many. GEICO, on the other hand, is known for its excellent financial stability and online tools.

Georgia Auto Insurance Laws

Georgia Automobile Insurance Plan (GAAIP)

Car insurance is mandatory in Georgia, but some drivers can have a tough time buying one. This is where GAAIP can prove immensely useful. 

GAAIP helps high-risk drivers get coverage, and it is mandatory for every auto insurance company in Georgia to participate in it. 

To be eligible for GAAIP, you need to show that you:

  • were unsuccessful in obtaining car insurance from at least two insurers in the last 60 days 
  • have a valid driver’s license and a car registered in your name.

If you are eligible, the program will randomly assign you an insurer. However, since GAAIP rates are expensive, you should first exhaust all other options before enrolling into it.

Minimum Georgia Car Insurance Requirements

You need to have at least the following liability coverage to be able to legally drive in Georgia. 

  • Bodily Injury Liability – $25,000 per person/$50,000 per accident. This coverage compensates for the injuries others incur in an accident caused by you.
  • Property Damage Liability – $25,000 per accident. This coverage pays for damage to someone else’s vehicle or other property due to an accident caused by you.

SR22 Insurance in Georgia

SR22 is not a type of insurance but a form that your insurance company must fill out and submit to the local Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) after a severe violation. By submitting this form, the insurer proves to the government that you are adequately insured. 

You require an SR22 form after violations such as drunk driving, injuring someone in an at-fault accident, or multiple minor traffic infringements. 

Once you enter the SR22 program, the government tracks your driving record for 36 months. After that period, you can qualify for regular auto insurance.

While SR22 filing itself is cheap, auto insurers tend to charge up to 40-60% more if you need the certificate along with the policy. 

In addition to SR22, Georgia also uses SR-21 certificates. It’s typically required after an auto accident to prove you had coverage.

Car Insurance in GA for New Residents

According to the AAA’s guideline on Georgia’s driving laws, a new resident must register her car within 30 days. 

If you are a non-resident owner and intend to stay in Georgia for more than 30 days, you must register your motor vehicle there and comply with its car insurance laws. Military personnel, however, are exempted from this rule.

Price Optimization

Price optimization refers to the practice of varying insurance rates on the basis of non-risk-related factors. In plain English, this means insurers use AI tools to collect and analyze data to find out the maximum premium you are willing to pay, and then they charge you this amount when your policy is up for renewal. 

So are Georgia insurance companies using price optimization to increase their profits? 

Unfortunately, the answer is, “Yes.” Research shows that as many as 45% of large US insurance companies use this practice to raise their rates based not on risk but consumer complacency. 

Some states, like California, Florida, and Washington, have taken a firm stand against price optimization — but not Georgia. That’s why every now and then you should gather car insurance quotes from other GA insurers to make sure your existing insurer is not overcharging you.

No-Fault Laws

As FindLaw shows, Georgia is an “at-fault state” with a twist. It follows a “modified comparative fault” system, meaning to get compensation for injuries sustained in a car accident, you will have to prove that the other party was more at-fault than you. A jury or judge calculates how much each driver was at-fault after a trial if the claim wasn’t settled first. 

You get compensation if the other party was more than 50% at-fault and for the percentage of fault assigned to her.  So if the other driver was 90% at-fault, you’ll recover 90% of your damages.

How to Get the Cheapest Car Insurance in GA?

Study Expert Reviews

Before you select an auto insurer, it’s best if you can look at several providers and specifically check how each one of them performs on important parameters. Obviously, this guide shows you some of the best car insurers in Georgia, but you might want to look at more options. In that case, we recommend you check out our car insurance rankings

We compared no fewer than 24 heavyweights in the US auto insurance industry and ranked them according to their performance on seven most relevant factors — prices, discounts, optional coverages, customer service, online tools, financial strength, and availability. Whatever your requirements might be, we are sure the list will help you find a perfect insurer.

Compare Car Insurance Quotes in GA From Various Companies

Since price optimization is not illegal in the state of Georgia, you might not be getting as much a reward as you think for sticking with the same provider. That’s why we believe the smart thing to do is explore your options when the renewal comes. This way, you can find out whether there’s merit in continuing with the existing insurer or not. 

Price optimization is a big reason why you should frequently compare auto insurance quotes, but it is not the only reason. It’s an open secret that each insurer has a unique marketing strategy, which they tweak depending on their overall performance. 

For instance, Progressive right now offers cheap liability insurance in GA, while GEICO doesn’t. However, if the latter’s market share in GA were to shrink, it might happily cut its prices to attract more customers.

Examine Who Offers the Highest Discounts

The simplest way to save on your car insurance is to take full advantage of the available discounts. If you are getting a quote online, the system will automatically ask you to choose various rebates you qualify for. If you are talking with an agent, ask her to give you the list of available discounts.

At times, enrolling into programs that let the insurer track your driving can prove beneficial. If you can show you are a good driver, you can save up to 30-40%.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who has the cheapest car insurance in Georgia

According to our research, Progressive provides the most affordable car insurance in Georgia. We gathered quotes for full coverage in five major cities in Georgia, and Progressive emerged as the cheapest auto insurer in each one of them.

2. Is Georgia a no-fault state? 

Georgia is a fault state and follows the “modified comparative rule” for assigning liability in road accidents. You can claim compensation for damages incurred in an accident only if the other driver was more than 50% responsible for the accident.  Also, the at-fault driver will pay only for the percentage of fault assigned to her.

3. Do you need insurance to drive in Georgia? 

Yes, you do. However, with many insurers providing affordable car insurance in GA, you are literally spoilt for choice. 

As per the Georgia Law, all drivers need to have the following coverage:

  • Body Injury Liability – $25,000 per person and $50,000 per accident
  • Property Damage Liability – $25,000 per accident.

4. How much is car insurance in Georgia? 

The average price for full coverage for a 40-year-old male in GA is $302 per month, based on our research in multiple cities. If you’re a student or a new driver, your premium is likely to be higher than average because insurers typically see an inexperienced driver as more risky. 

However, the good news is that irrespective of your driving history, you can get cheap car insurance in GA by following the tips shared in this post.

5. Does insurance follow the car or driver in Georgia? 

In Georgia, insurance follows the car, not the driver. So if your vehicle is involved in an at-fault accident, your insurance will foot the bill for any damages or injuries incurred in the mishap — regardless of whether you were driving or not.

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