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Audi Insurance: An In-Depth Owner's Guide

Are you worried about the high prices of Audi insurance? Or that you might stumble upon a company that’ll lowball when paying a claim? If you’re having these doubts, we can help you. 

We ranked the best and most affordable insurers to determine which is the optimal choice for Audi owners. 

First, we got quotes from all leading companies for the most popular Audi models to see who’s the cheapest. Then, we studied the leading rankings in customer service and financial strength to determine the most reliable company. Finally, we visited each insurer’s website to see how many discounts and optional coverages they offer.

We even made a list of hacks to get the most out of your car insurance and save substantially. So dive right in to find the perfect protection plan for your Audi.

How Much is Car Insurance for Audi

Audis range from mid-level cars, such as A3, to luxury vehicles, such as A8, and exotic sports models, such as R8. Their price range means they’ll be more expensive to insure than your average Toyota Corolla since Audis cost more to replace or repair.

Nonetheless, their outstanding safety ratings from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (almost all of them are 5-star overall) lower the total Audi insurance costs

Average Monthly Insurance Prices for Various Audi Models

Overall, the median price for all Audis we tested was $228. Compared to other luxury vehicle brands, Audi ranked in the middle. On average, it is $25 more expensive monthly than a BMW and $19 cheaper than an Acura

Check the tables below to find price comparisons for different models and more details on how we did our research.

Average Audi Insurance Cost (By Model)  

Carsurance Sample Quote 

Our reference driver was a 40-year-old single male, working as an administrative assistant, with a high-school degree. He had a clean driving record, owned his Audi, and rented his home. His hometown was Fresno, California. 

The liability limits we choose were $50K/$100K for bodily injury and $50K for property damage. We also opted for uninsured motorist coverage for the same amount, as well as collision and comprehensive coverage, each with $500 deductibles. The rental car reimbursement limits for our Audi car insurance was $30/$900, and our annual mileage was 10,000.

Our Audi was primarily used for commuting to work, and occasionally for pleasure driving. The model year was always 2016 except for R8, which was from 2018. We always selected Premium Plus trim when it was available. To make our research more approachable, we also included the fair deal price in the brackets.

A3 Insurance Rates

Audi A3 Monthly Insurance Prices from Different Companies

A4 Insurance Rates

Monthly Audi A4 Insurance Cost Comparison

A5 Insurance Rates

Comparison of Monthly Expenses of Insuring Audi A5

A6 Insurance Rates

Comparison of the Monthly Cost of Insuring Audi A6

A7 Insurance Rates

Monthly Audi A7 Insurance Cost Comparison

Q5 Insurance Rates

Audi Q5 Insurance Monthly Cost From Different Companies 

R8 Insurance RatesR8 How Much Different Insurance Companies Charge Monthly for Audi R8 Insurance

S3 Insurance Rates

Comparison of Audi S3 Insurance Cost Per Month

S4 Insurance Rates

Comparison of Monthly Expenses of Insuring Audi S4

S5 Insurance Rates

Audi S5 Insurance Cost Comparison

Companies Offering High-Quality and Cheap Audi Insurance

The Best Overall for Audi Owners: Ameriprise

Ameriprise Auto Insurance Logo

Ameriprise is an insurer that’s only available in 32 states, but it was so ahead of the competition that we had to put it at the top. 

First, according to J.D. Power’s 2018 regional claims satisfaction study, the company offers outstanding customer service. In California, where Ameriprise writes most of its policies, it holds the full five-star rating. It’s ranked ahead of major players such as State Farm, Geico, or Progressive. 

Second, Ameriprise is among the most affordable options for Audi owners. For instance, in our comparison of Audi A4 insurance rates, Ameriprise charged us only $98 monthly for full coverage, which is a genuine bargain. The second least expensive company, Geico, requested $142 per month. And when it comes to keeping customers happy, Ameriprise has a clear advantage over Geico.

Third, in addition to low prices and exceptional customer service, Ameriprise offers special discounts and perks, such as free roadside assistance, for drivers who purchase its insurance through Costco.

Finally, Ameriprise does not disappoint even in the financial strength department. The company’s AM Best rating is “A” or “Excellent.” While not as good as USAA’s, State Farm’s, or Geico’s, the average driver has no reason for concern.

That’s why we urge you to give it a shot if Ameriprise is available in your home state. It’s the cheapest company and also the best.The Rating of Amerirprise Insurance in different categories for Audi owners

Choose Ameriprise for bargain prices, impeccable customer service, and exclusive benefits for Costco customers. 

Look elsewhere if Ameriprise does not sell its products in your home state.

The Runner Up: Amica InsuranceAmica Mutual Car Insurance Logo

If you want a company with a spotless customer service record, and you are prepared to stretch your budget a bit, take a glance at Amica. It’s a no-frills insurer that gets all the basics right.

For starters, while not being the cheapest around, it’s still among the low-cost options for Audi owners. For instance, its insurance for Audi A4 costs only $181 per month. While that’s $83 higher on a monthly basis than the cheapest option — Ameriprise — it’s still $15 less than average. 

Additionally, as we already mentioned in this guide and stressed ad nauseam in our Amica review, the company scores exceptionally well in customer satisfaction. Its NAIC ratio is 0.46, which implies that Amica gets 54% fewer complaints than the average insurer of its size. Furthermore, Amica holds full five stars in 2018 J.D. Power’s claims satisfaction study, and four out of five stars in the shopping department. 

On top of that, Amica does offer a decent number of discounts and optional coverages along with high-quality website and online tools. However, it cannot compete in these departments with companies such as Geico, State Farm, or Progressive. It’s evident that these have more assets to invest in this sector.

Finally, you can even rely on Amica’s dividend policies to make a few extra bucks by paying the premiums. They cost more in the beginning, but they are a better investment in the long run.

Overall, Amica is among the best Audi insurance options available, if you are prepared to pay just a little bit more. The Rating of Amica Insurance in different categories for Audi owners

Choose Amica for outstanding customer service and added benefits of its dividend policies.

Look elsewhere if you want the cheapest option.

The Bronze Medalist: Geico

Geico Auto Insurance LogoIf you want to enjoy all the benefits that only a big insurer can offer, let Geico take care of you. 

First, its Audi auto insurance is quite inexpensive ⁠— only Ameriprise offered cheaper quotes.

Second, Geico’s financial strength is world class. The company’s AM Best rating is “A++” or “Superior” — the best possible. Furthermore, Geico is a subsidiary of Warren Buffet’s Berkshire Hathaway, which is the fourth-ranked enterprise in the 2019 Fortune 500 list. This implies that you can insure your circa $150,000 Audi R8 with Geico and never worry if it has the means to cover the claims expenses.

Third, it’s obvious that the company took the utmost care to make its website and mobile app fully user-friendly. You can get an online quote, submit a claim, or download proof of insurance in no time.

However, Geico has a few notable downsides. First, those looking for Audi GAP insurance will have to turn to another company because Geico currently doesn’t provide this coverage. 

Second, like all prominent auto insurers, Geico’s customer service ratings are mediocre. It got three out of five stars in J.D. Power’s 2018 Claims Satisfaction and Insurance Shopping studies on a national level. Geico also scored below the average in a similar regional study in California, New York, and Southwest areas. 

Nonetheless, no insurer is perfect. If Ameriprise is unavailable in your area and Amica is too expensive for you, Geico is a viable alternative. The Rating of Amerirprise Insurance in different categories for Audi owners

Choose Geico for low prices, outstanding financial strength, and snappy online tools. 

Look elsewhere if you want immaculate customer service or GAP insurance.

Honorable Mentions

Progressive Auto Insurance Progressive Auto Insurance Logo

Progressive is a similar choice to Geico. It’s an affordable company, with a lot of optional coverages and discounts and slick online tools. It shares Geico’s mediocre customer service ratings too, meaning it’s largely a toss-up between these two.

However, we would lean towards the latter because of the slightly lower prices and better financial strength. Nonetheless, high-risk drivers looking for Audi insurance should know that Progressive specializes in their demographics.The Rating of Progressive Insurance in different categories for Audi owners

Choose Progressive for low prices, particularly if you are a high-risk driver. 

Look elsewhere if you want the best financial strength or the finest customer service.

USAA Auto Insurance 

USAA Auto Insurance LogoUSAA is a niche insurer that sells its products only to the former and current US army members and their close families. But if you are eligible, the company is a must-check. It provides outstanding customer service, first-rate financial strength, and a wide range of discounts and optional coverages. 

On top of that, it’s among the most affordable insurers around. USAA even provides financial services such as banking and mutual investment funds. The Rating of USAA Insurance in different categories for Audi owners

Choose USAA for outstanding scores in all departments. 

Look elsewhere if you are not a member of the US army or a close family.

Mercury Car Insurance

As you likely figured out by now, Mercury is among the least expensive options for Audi owners. For instance, its Audi R8 insurance cost was only $169, which is a real bargain for an exotic car such as R8. 

However, Mercury has a major downside — it’s customer service ratings are among the lowest in the market. The company received only two stars in J.D. Power’s claims handling and shopping satisfaction surveys on a national level. 

Additionally, it was ranked dead last in both categories. Even in the California region, where Mercury writes most of its policies, the company is the second from the bottom. 

On the plus side, Mercury’s AM Best rating is “A+” or “Excellent,” indicating financial stability. Additionally, the company offers Mercury Mechanical Protection, which functions as a less expensive extended warranty for your Audi. 

Nonetheless, Mercury’s customer service record is just too spotty to recommend this insurer universally.The Rating of Mercury Insurance in different categories for Audi owners

Choose Mercury for affordable coverages and its Mechanical Protection plan. 

Look elsewhere if you want reliable customer service or many optional coverages and discounts.

Shopping Tips for Audi Insurance

No matter which Audi model you own or what coverage you are looking for, there’s a couple of useful tricks that you should apply to get the most out of your coverage.

Compare Quotes From Different Insurers

It’s essential not to skip this step. While guides such as this one might give you a general idea, it’s only by making your quote comparison that you’ll find how affordable each insurer is.

This is because insurance quotes are highly personalized. The prices you’ll find in insurance guides may be vastly different from what you’d get.

That’s why you should make a shortlist of the best insurers for you and request quotes from all of them. Alternatively, you can input your zip code in our Quote Comparison Tool, and get Audi insurance quotes in under five minutes.

Check Out Auto Insurance Reviews

Before you start comparing quotes, you would perhaps like to narrow down your choice to only those companies that offer high-quality insurance.

This guide is a good starting point, but with so many insurers available in the market, perhaps you would like to know more.

That’s why we tested more than 24 leading US auto insurance companies and ranked them based on their overall performance. In our reviews, you’ll find who offers the highest number of discounts, where to find unique optional coverages such as Pet Insurance, which company makes its customers satisfied, and which insurer has the biggest assets to cover claims.

Select a Company with a High Number of Discounts 

The best way to cut Audi insurance costs is to qualify for as many discounts as possible. That’s why you should review each company’s website and note all premium reductions you may be eligible for. 

Then, during the quote process, try to select them all. If an online quote tool did not give you a chance to check a particular discount, feel free to call customer service for more details. 

As an Audi owner, you’ll easily qualify for these discounts if your model is recent:

  • Passive restraint (up to 40% on certain coverages)
  • The anti-lock brake (up to 5%)
  • Daytime running lights (1%)
  • Anti-theft (up to 25% on comprehensive).

You should also try obtaining the following premium reductions on your Audi insurance:

  • Paperless billing and upfront and automatic payment (up to 5%)
  • Tracking driving habits by a mobile app or GPS device (up to 50%, but it may also increase your premium)
  • Bundling policies and vehicles (up to 15%)
  • Homeowner (up to 10%).

Drop Comprehensive and Collision Coverages

If you decide to select this option, you should know that it will drastically reduce your Audi insurance cost, but think twice before you do it. Cutting collision and comprehensive insurance means your Audi will be covered only if the other driver caused the accident.

Furthermore, if their limits are insufficient, you’ll have to sue them, which is a long and tiresome process even if you win. That is, unless you carry underinsured motorist coverage – property section – which covers the expenses if a driver with insufficient insurance hits you.

One slightly better alternative is to increase your comprehensive and collision deductibles. However, you’ll essentially be trading the bits of your coverage for less expensive insurance.

What is Audi Prestige Insurance? 

It’s an Audi insurance program developed jointly by Audi’s US branch and Liberty Mutual. Audi Prestige Insurance does not provide any revolutionary kind of protection. Instead, it’s a mixture of coverages custom-selected for Audi cars. It includes:

  • New car replacement (optional in some states) – If you suffer a total loss within your first year of ownership, Liberty Mutual will provide funds for a brand new Audi that’s the same model.
  • Accident forgiveness (unavailable in California) – Drivers with this coverage will not experience a premium increase after their first at-fault accident if they’ve been accident-free for five years.
  • Guaranteed rate for 12 months – Unless your risk profile alters significantly, your Audi car insurance rates won’t change for 12 months from the first effective date of your coverage.
  • Multi-car discount – If you add multiple cars to a single Liberty Mutual policy, your premium will be lower. However, this is not a unique feature of Audi Prestige Insurance. Almost any insurer will grant you a discount for covering multiple vehicles.
  • Genuine replacement parts – This warrants that your Audi will be fitted only with original parts if the state law doesn’t prohibit it.
  • Roadside assistance (optional) – Covers the towing and quick repair expenses up to a limit if your vehicle suffers a mechanical breakdown.

Is It Any Good?

While Audi Prestige Insurance offers a compelling combination of coverages for your Audi, we cannot recommend it without a prior caveat. That’s because, in our Liberty Mutual review, we found that its customer service is subpar. On the bright side, its cost of Audi insurance was below the average, but we cannot universally endorse an insurer that does not excel in customer service too.

However, this does not mean we would not get Liberty Mutual’s quote, along with five to six other companies.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is it expensive to insure an Audi A4?

In our research, we found that the full coverage policy for 2016 Audi A4 costs $196 per month, which is slightly more affordable than the insurance for competitors such as Acura TLX or BMW Series 4. However, that’s still higher than average for our reference driver. 

2. Are Audis expensive to insure? 

It all depends on the model you are insuring and the coverages you are adding to your policy. If you choose just liability, you may even end up paying below the average due to Audi’s outstanding safety records. However, if you are buying comprehensive and collision coverages for Audi R8, expect to spend a lot. 

3. What insurance group is an Audi A4?

Audi A4 belongs to a group of borderline luxury vehicles. This means that Audi A4 insurance will be around 40% more expensive than the average in your home state.

4. Are Audis expensive to maintain?

According to recent research by YourMechanic, Audis are the fifth costliest vehicles to repair in the US. The total expected expenses are $12,400 for 10 years of ownership. This, in turn, drives the prices of Audi insurance up, especially if you select comprehensive and collision coverage.

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