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Acura Insurance: An In-Depth Owner's Guide

Are you a proud Acura owner looking for a perfect insurance for your four-wheeled Japanese friend? You came to the right place.  

To determine which company offers the most affordable Acura insurance, we got quotes from 20 most prominent US insurers. We have tested each one of them how they perform in relevant departments, such as customer service and financial strength, and then we ranked the best among them. We also noted how many optional coverages they offer, for those who prefer to customize their policy.

Finally, to make your life easier, we made a list of tips and tricks for buying car insurance. Apply them, and you can rest assured that you’ll save drastically without sacrificing the quality of your coverage.

How Much Does It Cost to Insure an Acura?

The fact that Acuras cost more to insure than your ordinary car should surprise no one. After all, they are mid-range to high-end vehicles, which cost more than average cars.

However, even by the standards of luxury car insurance, covering Acura is costly. We found that the median insurance price for all Acura models involved in our test was $247 per month. That’s more expensive than BMW insurance, which was $203 per month, and it is on par with Tesla insurance, which had a median price of $258.

Monthly Car Insurance Premiums for Different Acura ModelsWhat’s particularly disappointing for Acura owners is the fact that BMWs and especially Teslas carry higher price tags. 

Nonetheless, while some companies charge an arm and a leg for their coverage, our research indicated that there’s a lot of high-quality insurers that are relatively affordable. Check the full details of our quote comparison below.

Average Acura Insurance Cost (By Model) 

Carsurance Sample Quote

Our reference driver was a 40-year-old single male with a clean driving record and a good credit rating, living in Oakland, CA. The limits we choose were $50K/$100K for bodily injury and $50K for property damage.

We also selected uninsured motorist coverage for the same amount, as well as collision and comprehensive coverage, each with $500 deductibles. The rental car reimbursement limits we choose were $30/$900, and our annual mileage was 10,000.

The primary use of the car was commuting to work. The model year of our Acura varied included 2012, 2014, and 2016. We always choose the midrange trim. To make our research more accessible, we also included the fair deal price in the brackets.

RDX Insurance RatesMonthly Car Insurance expenses for 2016 Acura RDX

MDX Insurance Rates

Monthly Insurance Premiums for Acura MDX

RL Insurance Rates

Monthly insurance expenses for 2012 Acura RL

TL Insurance Rates

Acura TL monthly insurance rate

TSX Insurance Rates

Monthly Car Insurance Prices for Acura TSX

ILX Insurance Rates

Monthly Premiums for Acura ILX

RLX Insurance Rates

Monthly Car Insurance Prices for Acura RLX

TL Insurance Rates

Monthly Auto Insurance Expenses for 2016 Acura TLX

ZDX Insurance Rates

Monthly Car Insurance Prices for Acura ZDX

Companies that Offer Cheap Acura Insurance Rates

The Best Insurer for Acura Drivers: AmicaAmica Mutual Car Insurance Logo

While the struggle of covering an Acura may seem discouraging, it will be a breeze if you choose Amica. For starters, it’s among the companies that offer the lowest Acura rates. The monthly premium for 2016 Acura RDX is $156 ($23 below the average), and for 2014 Acura TL it is $189 ($38 below the average). 

Besides low prices, Amica can boast on its impeccable customer service records. The company’s NAIC ratio is 0.46, which indicates that Amica gets 54% fewer complaints than average company of its size. Furthermore, Amica holds full five stars in 2018 J.D. Power’s claims satisfaction study, and four out of five stars in the shopping department.

On top of that, Amica lets you make a few extra dollars by paying for your Acura insurance on time. If you choose its dividend policies, you’ll receive up to 20% percent of your premium back. However, keep in mind that these kinds of policies cost more in the beginning.

When it comes to Amica’s downsides, there are only two worth mentioning. First, the company does not offer as many optional coverages as the competition. Second, its website and quote tool are not as nearly as slick as Geico’s, Farmers’, or Allstate’s. Nevertheless, those are minor issues. As an Acura owner, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better company than Amica.

The Rating of Amica Auto Insurance for Acura DriversChoose Amica for low prices, outstanding customer service, and the added benefits of dividend policies.

Look elsewhere for a variety of optional coverages.

The Cheapest Option: GeicoGeico Auto Insurance Logo

In our comparison of Acura insurance quotes, we found several companies that offered reasonable rates, but Geico stood out as the cheapest. For Acura TLX, it was $10 cheaper than Mercury, and for Acura RDX, it was $14 less expensive than the Farmers (the next most affordable companies).

It’s also the second-largest insurer in the US by market share, meaning that it brings all the bells and whistles of a major brand. These include an intuitive and slick website, outstanding mobile app, and a sufficient number of discounts and optional coverages to satisfy even a demanding customer. 

Nonetheless, the main reason for choosing Geico car insurance, besides low prices, is its financial strength. Geico’s AM Best rating is “A++,” or “Superior,” the finest possible. Furthermore, Geico is backed by Warren Buffet’s Berkshire Hathaway, one of the most prominent US corporations. This means you can always count on Geico’s rock-solid ability to pay the claims. 

However, the willingness of its claims adjuster to reimburse the clients adequately leaves something to be desired. That’s reflected in Geico’s customer service ratings. The company scores an average of three out of five stars in J.D. Power’s claims and shopping satisfaction studies.

Additionally, those looking for Acura GAP insurance will be disappointed since Geico does not provide this service. 

Nonetheless, in our reviews, we saw that mediocre customer service is a plight of all big insurers. Also, despite lacking GAP insurance, Geico offers a sufficient number of other optional coverages. Overall, the company surely has many things to offer to Acura owners.

The Rating of Geico Car Insurance for Acura DriversChoose Geico for the cheapest insurance for Acura and superior financial strength.

Look elsewhere if you want the best customer service or GAP insurance.

The Best for Military: USAAUSAA Auto Insurance Logo

Put simply, USAA offers the best Acura insurance. But why isn’t it ahead of Amica as the overall champion in this guide, you might be wondering. It’s because USAA sells its products only to the former and current US army members and their close families. 

However, for that particular group, it’s a no brainer. USAA excels in every department that matters. Customer service, financial strength, discounts, and optional coverages. Check, check, and check – USAA gets the highest scores from the relevant agencies in these categories. The company even offers banking services and mutual investment funds.

If you can qualify for USAA car insurance, don’t hesitate to put the company near the top of your list.

The rating of USAA auto insurance for Acura ownersChoose USAA for outstanding scores in each department.

Look elsewhere if you can’t qualify for USAA’s policy.

The Best for High-Risk Drivers: ProgressiveProgressive Insurance Logo

Progressive started as a niche car insurance company specializing in high-risk drivers. Up to this day, it remained true to its origins. This means that it will offer you competitive prices even if your driving record is far from pristine. Additionally, even if you are a reliable driver, Progressive will be one of the cheapest companies around.

In addition to low prices, there are many other reasons why Progressive should be your next Acura insurance company. 

For starters, it’s the third-largest insurer in the US by market share, suggesting its online tools are as good as they come. Additionally, Progressive’s AM Best rating is “A+,” the second-highest possible, indicating the company is fully capable of covering the claim expenses. 

Finally, Progressive offers a wide range of discounts and optional coverages that’ll please even the pickiest customers. 

However, it’s Progressive’s mediocre customer service that keeps it from the title of the best auto insurance company. Like State Farm and Geico, it scored only three out of five stars in J.D. Power’s 2018 rankings in the claims handling and shopping departments. Additionally, its rating on the Better Business Bureau’s website is a “B-,” which is below the industry standard.

Nonetheless, this is the only notable flaw of Progressive. Based on all of its positives, we would still rank it in the middle of our shortlist of the best insurers for Acura.The rating of Progressive Insurance for Acura Drivers

Choose Progressive for low rates, slick online tools, and a variety of discounts and optional coverages.

Look elsewhere if you want the best customer service.

Honorable Mention: Farmers Insurance Farmers Insurance Logo

While not the clear winner in any particular category, Farmers is still an outstanding option for any Acura driver. For starters, the company is the second least expensive Acura insurance agency we found in our quote comparison.

Furthermore, leading ratings indicate that Farmers provides reliable customer service. It scored four out of five stars in J.D. Power’s 2018 claims satisfaction study, taking the fourth place overall. Additionally, Farmers’ NAIC ratio is 0.75, which means that the company gets 25% fewer complaints than average.

Farmers achieves solid results even in the financial strength department. The company’s AM Best rating is “A” or “Excellent,” the third-highest possible.

Finally, you can even profit by paying your premiums with Farmers. Just choose its Rewards Visa or Visa Signature® card and collect points by purchasing Farmers’ products. You can redeem them for various merchandise, gift cards, or get a discount on Farmers car insurance.

The only notable downside of Farmers is that it can be very expensive for younger and riskier drivers. Nonetheless, every other driver demographic should give Farmers a chance.

The rating of Farmers insurance for Acura CarsChoose Farmers for low rates, excellent customer service, and perks of Rewards Visa program.

Look elsewhere if you are a young or inexperienced driver, or if the best financial strength is your priority.

Shopping Tips for Acura Insurance

Get Quotes from Different Insurers 

This is an auto insurance shopping 101. While all companies offer more or less the same coverages, the prices and the quality of the customer service vary substantially across the market. That’s why you should compare quotes from as many insurers as you can.

This guide is a good starting point, but a quote comparison is something that, in the end, you’ll have to do by yourself. This is because insurance quotes are highly individualized, meaning the prices we got for our reference driver may be entirely different from what you’d get.

The optimal way to do this is to make a shortlist of the best car insurance companies for you and request quotes from all of them. The whole process should take one afternoon. Or, you can use our Quote Comparison Tool, and do it in just a couple of minutes.

Study Reviews

When you are making your list of companies that are best for you, you would like to know more than just their prices.

This guide will give you the info you need for the best Acura insurance companies, but there may be other insurers you may be interested in. That’s why we reviewed more than 24 major US insurance companies. Our reviews will give you a glimpse of their discounts, optional coverages, customer service, and financial strength.

Combined with checking the company’s websites, this is the surest way to separate the wheat from the chaff in the world of auto insurance.

Choose an Insurer with a Wide Range of Discounts 

Who would miss a chance to pay less for the same product? That’s why you should take full advantage of various insurance discounts. Most often, when you are getting your car insurance quote online, the system will list all the premium reductions you can qualify for. Try to select as many as possible, as long as you are eligible.

Additionally, once you decide which quote to accept, feel free to call the insurance company and inquire about even more premium reductions. You should do this because we often found that not all of the discounts presented on the company’s website were listed during the quote process.

Some of the most common discounts that are easily obtainable for Acura drivers are as follows:

  • Bundle – For insuring multiple items with the same company.
  • Good driver – For those who have been without an accident or did not made a claim related to their Acura insurance for a couple of years. 
  • Tracking driving habits – An insurer uses a GPS device or a mobile app to record your driving habits and adjust the premiums accordingly. 
  • Good student – For high school or college students with a GPA of over 3.0. 
  • Safety features – Many Acuras are factory-fitted with advanced safety features, such as passengers’ airbags or ABS control. These will get you a discount with any insurance company. 
  • Anti-theft devices – Alarms, ignition blockers, or tracking chips will get you a discount on comprehensive coverage.
  • Payment methods – Paperless billing or paying the entire premium in advance can save you as much as 5%.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is it expensive to insure an Acura? 

Yes. According to our research, Acuras are expensive to insure even by the luxury car standards. However, you can always turn to Progressive auto insurance or another affordable company and cut the expenses substantially. Ideally, opt for an insurer that’s affordable, but that also offers reliable customer service, such as Amica, Erie, Auto-Owners, Pemco, Ameriprise, or Wawanesa.

2. Is Acura expensive to repair?

Yes, since Acuras are midrange or high-end cars, they can be costly to fix. One hack that’ll reduce the repair expenses is to turn to Honda dealership. Hondas and Acuras often share the same parts, but Hondas are budget to mid-range vehicles, meaning qualified repair shops have lower rates.

3. How much does it cost to insure an Acura TL?

We got car insurance quotes from different companies for our reference 2014 Acura TL worth $18,000. The average price was $227 per month for a full coverage policy. Mercury was the most affordable at $154 per month, while Kemper was the most expensive at $458 per month. However, we think that Amica at $189 per month is the bust buy.

4. How much does it cost to insure an Acura MDX? 

Based on our comparison of Acura insurance offers from different companies, the average monthly premium for 2016 Acura MDX worth $30,000 is $241. Progressive was the cheapest company at $144 per month, while Kemper was the costliest at $391 monthly. Overall, we think that Progressive is a strong choice.

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